Les VANDALES - New 4 Tracks E.P. 7" Vinyl - CD Single & Cassette Tape

OÏ Oï.....ready for our new 4 Track EP ? Shall we do it together....?

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Les VANDALES - New 4 Tracks E.P. 7" Vinyl - CD Single & Cassette Tape

We are Les VANDALES (The Vandals), an '80s Hardcore Punk band.
We played between 1984 & 1986. We sing in french & english

In January 1985, we had a review in "Maximum Rock 'N' Roll", a US magazine for our first demo tape
Following this, we have appeared in some international compilations (Hideous Headchoppin ', Die Freiheit, Rapsodie in France, ...)

Some concerts locally and especially in Germany at AZ (Cräsh) in Freiburg, with bands like Toxoplasma or Upright Citizens among others .......
We' ve been offered German tours supporting Broken Bones and GBH but due to personal differences, we were obliged to decline these offers (much to regret)
We split at the end of '86.

In December 2007, we released our first self-produced 7'' Vinyl, Loup-Garou, which sold out for 300 copies ..........

You can listen to it on bandcamp


Later, in 2010, French label WhoCaresRecords released our first demo as a Maxi Single 12 " Red Vinyl, 7 tracks on one side & in several formats.
(300 copies, again, all sold-out)

2 years ago, Arno, the only original member of the line-up, reformed the band with a new team & after a few dozens rehearsals, began playing in 2018 in 4/5 bars and then support slots with Exploited in April, Bollock Brothers in October, and in November, we played with Sick Of It All then Sheer Terror

Now we are ready to record our next single ... with this new line-up. It will be declined as a 4Traks 7'' vinyl, a CD Single Digifile (with maybe a live bonus track, if you're nice) and also a cassette tape.

You can listen to a few live tracks on our YouTube channel

And that is where we need you. We would like you to get involved in the process. You can help us finance this project.
There is also a lot of merchandising :
T-shirts, stickers, stamps ...... scroll down for more......

The credibility of the group goes through this type of projects. Some structures will be more receptive listening to a physical medium than MP3 (by email)
From december 2019, we will be offering physical and digital sale of this EP, some merchandising, & hopefully, we will do concerts in venues near you

We are into Punk Rock ...... We are still angry. We are against racism, faschism, violence against women, animal testing, etc...Well, you understand, we must stop all that .......We are a committed band and the lyrics and musical content has stood the test of time, it is still as relevant today as it was at the time

We hope for your support



Jack (Bass)   Monsieur Jo (Drums)   Arno (Vocals)    Loran (Guitar)

Waar dient de collecte voor

This crowdfunding will finalize the 7" Vinyl, CD & Cassette Tape expected by the band and programmers for a long time and then make possible its distribution. All participations are budgeted at a minimum, and include the counterparties and their postal deliveries to you, contributors.

Already self-financed : recording studio & partial mix: 1000 €

This pledge will finance the following phases :

- Pressing of 300 7"s Vinyl : 1100 €

- Pressing of 500 CD Single : 600 €

- Making of Cassette Tape : 100 €

- Promo : 200 €

- The 8% commission to KissKissBankBank


     If the goal is reached and even exceeded, it is that you will have been very generous and this will help to co-finance:

- A colored 7" or why not a 10" (25 cm)

- A USB key containing the EP in digital download


- A mug

- A wall clock : made with the first 7'' Vinyl

- Shooting a video



Deliveries of countributions from december


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