Light in Senegal

Help us to shine a light on the 200,000 street children in Senegal. Concerts, medical assistance and action to support real solutions...

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Light in Senegal

We know that light shines in the eyes of children - yet today there are 200,000 children living in the streets of Senegal. This drastically large number tells us enough is enough, we can not see more children on the streets. BLUES'UP wants to make their situation a priority! Have we accepted their condition, their despair? Artists have come together to sing and record "Light in Senegal", but the fight has only just begun.

"Light in Senegal" is a charity song written by Pierre Sibille to advocate and support organizations as :  EMPIRE DES ENFANTSSPER center, Dakar SAMU SOCIAL, VILLAGE PILOTE, FUTUR AU PRESENT,  YAAKARU GUNUYI, who work to educate, support and to reunite street children with their families.

Actions in collaboration with G ROCK CONSULTING.

"Light in Senegal" shows that music CAN change lives. Artists have given their voices, Senegalese society wants to embrace a new mindset ... It is time to act! Dakar_2012.224


Invitation to France for two Senegalese artists, Coumbis Sorra and MAKE IT REAL, to come France in September to record in the studio with BLUES'UP (Hyères).  We will present our work:

Concert showcase at Moom (Six Fours) / September 15, 2013

Concert / Photo Exhibition of Jeremy Charbaut on the theme Talibés in COMPTOIR GÉNÉRAL (Paris)September 16th - 2013

- Film Screening "Something from the street" Pascal Nazzaro in COMPTOIR GÉNÉRAL (Paris) / September 16th - 2013


DAKAR 4TH BLUES'UP FESTIVAL 18 - 28 November 2013

BLUES'UP will hold three concerts on a concert truck with full PA to give a voice to artists coming together to support and "Sing for Street Children". A medical unit will be on location at each performance to provide medical examinations for children and to build trust and solidarity with the local population. Concerts will be held  

- On the BLUES'UP TRUCK across from l'EMPIRE DES ENFANTS (Medina) / November 21, 2013

- At the University CLODEL to present our work to students / November 23, 2013

- In front of Modern Daara to focus on the solution: to provide a quality education to all the children / November 26, 2013. 

A press conference is scheduled for November 19, 2013 at Just4U.    

The 4th BLUES'UP FESTIVAL will conclude at the French Cultural Centre CCF / November 27, 2013 with a concert, photo exhibition and presentation of the film by Pascal Nazzaro : Something from the Street.


Waar dient de collecte voor


We want to see a solution to children living on the street. BLUES'UP is launching an appeal for donations through "KissKissBankBank" - we want to involve YOU and engage the committment of people around the world to bring a solution, a real solution, to the heartbreaking situation of street children in Senegal.

We want funding for this project to be a civic act! You can help make this happen. 




Action in France / September 2013


Fresh / Senegalese artists Coumbis Sorra & Make It Real recording in France = 3000 €  


LIGHT IN SENEGAL (Dakar) / November 2013

Airfare (for 8 persons) = € 4,800

Freight = 1400 €

Communication = € 700

Food = 800 €

Truck / PA and medical tent = 3000 €

Production costs = 1300 €  


HELP US RAISE = € 7,500 


Be a part of it!

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