Louis Le Sec, le linge de lit innovant

Participate to the second Louis Le Sec collection, the comfortable and functional bed linen: nice for kids, useful for parents!

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Louis Le Sec, le linge de lit innovant



42 days and 64 KissBankers later, we reached the 100%. The collection II is coming to life: printings, colors, photos, communication ... all this will exist thanks to YOU!


Right after having reaching the goal, I receive a mail from the KissKissBankBank team:

"Hello Sophie Remy, Waouh! You reached 100% of your goal. But the collect is not over. You still have a few days to beat the record: 756% owned by 'Geek Pack'! ... Yours, KissKissBankBank team"


So the bar is high, really high but the team is right, the campaign is not over. It still is opened and available for anyone who wants to participate. The rewards are always available to please one or another!


So let's fix a new goal!


The new donations will from now enable you to participate to the next Louis Le Sec adventures: THE FAIRS!

- Playtime in January

- Little Fashion Week in February


For that, 2.800€ are needed. 10.500€ in total or 137%



I am Sophie, I am mum of 3 wonderful kids: Antoine, Juliette et Elise.




Louis Le Sec is born from my idea to develop a comfortable and functional bed linen collection. Why


- because I had to deal many times with daily small disasters (potty training, bedwetting, small childhood illness - regurgitation , vomiting, bleeding, ... - bottle that spilled. I also had dustmites allergy) and I wanted to help parents who live the same


- because I would like to provide children bed linen they love and help them going calmly through these difficult times.


In January 2014, Louis Le Sec, THE new bed linen generation, is born It is made of jersey 100% cotton, with Inside a polyurethane membrane which is waterproof, breathable and soundless :


- To protect bedding from all liquids

- To be a barrier against dustmites

- To be loved by kids AND parents  




Before Louis' birth


Let's go back to the project's origine. I analyzed the market during one year. I quickly found that the offer on the "nice and functional" segment was empty I then decided to fill it. Many steps had to be done:


1- find a membrane that was waterproof (to liquids and dustmites) BUT breathable and soundless.



2- find a 100% cotton really soft fabric



3- to develop a collection: playful (kids are sleeping into it), beautiful (parents decorate the room) et combinable (it is so nice to change the room's sfeer just by turning over the duvet cover or by combining it with a different color sheet or pillow case).




The 3 steps have been taken with success and the first collection Un Conte dans la Forêt Chapter I is born at the beginning of this year 2014.


Louis's development


Now after 6 months, the collection is available in more than 30 shops, everywhere in Europe.




Media talk about Louis Le Sec as an invention ... it is really positive. You can find back all those nice words on the blog: 





Article on the blog "Toby & Roo"


It is now time to think about the second collection !


Why do I need you?


Because a new collection, it is a lot of things: love of course but it is far away to be enough; I need a textile designer, a photographer, a graphic designer, communication, printing cylinders and then meters and meters and meters of fabric!

Waar dient de collecte voor

The collect will fund the creation of the second collection of Louis Le Sec: Un Conte dans la Forêt Chapter II.


For more transparency, here are the details of the budget:


- Printings creation and collection plan: 2.200€

- Engraving of printing cylinders: 1.250€

- Graphic designer for communication (packaging, leaflet, website): 1.100€

- Photographer: 1.150€

- Communication printing: 1.500€


Sub-total: 7.200€

Commission Kiss Kiss Bank Bank (8%): 576€


Total: 7.700€

(slightly rounded down, I know!)



If you are super generous and that the objective is exceeded, the funds raised will be used to fund the production of the second collection and participation in fairs (Playtime, Little Fashion Week, Kind + Jugend, ...)






#ProjetDuJour 6 Novembre : Louis Le Sec, le linge de lit innovant http://www.goodmorningcrowdfunding.com/louis-le-sec-le-linge-de-lit-innovant-0611141/





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