Louise Prince Thomassin: Soulwear

Help me create an environment-friendly and Humxn-centered brand !

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Louise Prince Thomassin: Soulwear

The origins of the project


This project started to grow in my mind after a course in a Fashion school. My teacher had explained to us the main reason of model's thinness: it is more practical to create clothes when you don't have to think about curves !  This why, in the fashion industry, models can be referred to as: "Coatracks".


Basically, a body that would take up "too much space" can slow down and be a constraint to creation.

This outdated state of mind gave me the will to create a fashion brand centered on the models' sensibility. I then decided to form a model team that would not just be bodies, but humxns in all of the beauty of their shapes, personalities, belongings, fragilities...with no constraints.


Each model has its own stylistic world and story to tell which you might relate to.



The models


Any person interested by this approach could respond to the casting call: 


In this creative process, the relation I have with the models has to be all about sharing and connecting, so that’s why the questions asked to the applicants during the casting sessions revolved around introspection in order to really learn about them. 


The model team was born !


You will have to wait the end of January 2019 to start to get to discover them through their video portraits😉...




« The style is in the concept »


"What do clothes inspired by models would look like?". Well, like clothes inspired by the uniqueness of every one of us.


We all know that fashion is a cycle, but there is more to our influences than mere trends.

Our models get their inspiration as much from Rihanna than their grandma, as much from Jeanne Damas than the 2000's Hip Hop style...or they would like to. Because some of them told me they were refraining from wearing shorter, tighter, "edgier" clothes as it seems that one need to have a hourglass shaped body for certain clothes or that a "different" style would bring toxic gazes...


The clothes will be created in the image of what the models would wear if society's oppressives norms no longer existed ! 



The values of the brand


•Designs from the models, not the clothes.


No animal-derived materials used et most of the components will be plant-derived.


• No exclusion: sizes go from 32 to 60.


•Clothes have no genre: only style counts !




Waar dient de collecte voor

After a year spent on developing my project, studying the market, looking for good suppliers and manufacturers, I am all ready to take action but for this, I need a push.


The collected funds will be added to my personal savings and help me to finish convincing my bank.

If this campaign successful, it will prove that such a project is indeed due !


However, since Kiss Kiss Bank Bank applies the " All or Nothing" rule, I've established a first affordable stage to reach.


My minimum need is 5.000€ distributed as such:



This sum will help fund a big part of the collection development as well as materials (fabric, supplies etc...)

It will also secure a part of the production and the logistics.


If this first stage is reached, here are the next goals: 




If successful, I hope to see you at the end of September 2019 for the launch party.

Did not get an invitation on time? No worries, you'll still be able to participate to the giveaway that will be taking place on Facebook and Instagram to try to win invitations for the party✨ !


There will be: Concerts, customizable goodies, a runway show to unveil the collection worn by beautiful souls... and even more !


This event will occur in a location accessible to people with reduced mobility.




“Louise Prince Thomassin will receive the full amount of the funds raised”

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