Ma.Dam Coffee Bike

Ma.Dam Coffee Bike - Social, Ethical and Organic Specialty Coffee

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Ma.Dam Coffee Bike

We are Marielle and Damien (aka. Ma.Dam)! Ready to take on a new challenge in Alsace (East of France) after more than 10 years abroad. Our motivation is crazy: introducing to Colmar inhabitants (and all people around) the Specialty Coffee, its culture, its amazing taste and bring engagement, social interactions and happiness around!

After having discovered coffees all over the world and learned to become Barista(s) in Melbourne, we're more than happy to develop this Coffee-bike around Colmar city, its markets and for events (public and private venues)

We've prepared this unique project based on the following values and objectives:

  • The first specialty coffee in Colmar
  • An ethical and organic coffee
  • A coffee that put forward women producers (working with cooperatives that are empowering women, both economically and socially) 
  • A local approach (sourcing textiles and cups with local manufacturers and artisans...)

Of course, this coffee bike is only the FIRST STEP of a more engaged and global project - to be discovered very soon!

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