Une nouvelle vaisselle par Marion Graux

Participate in the birth of a tableware that keeps the potter's soul !

Une nouvelle vaisselle par Marion Graux

Who are we?

Marion Graux is a potter and creates customized plates for chefs. Constantin is an immunologist (nothing to see) and has become his wife's partner. 

They have developed an industrial tableware that keeps the potter's soul.

Marion: "It is an honour for me to work for chiefs. I would like to thank Hélène Darroze, Greg Marchand and Charles Compagnon for agreeing to talk about my work".

The collection

We offer a range of 5 shapes and 5 colours that mix and match to tell stories from different tables.

Small broths and small plates,

large flat plates,

the deep plates, 

and together.

What are the manufacturing steps ?

The tableware was developed by Marion Graux in her workshop.

The Digoin factory prepares a local clay called "barbotine" to cast the parts with molds made from of Marion's prototypes.

The barbotine passes through the moulds, allowing to keep
the dynamic line of workshop parts.

Each piece is cooked once,

then it is glazed by hand,

and cooked one last time at high temperature (1250°C) to allow
glazes to develop their color.

What does this tableware mean to us?

It is a family adventure that we test at all our meals with our two daughters. Today people are becoming aware of what surrounds them, what eats. I think we should choose tableware the way we choose food !

Life at home, cooking, and entertaining our friends is an important part of our daily lives. We have made a series of tableware that resemble us
and that meet our ideal.

Will the dishes be available for Christmas?

Don't panic! if it's to offer (Christmas or other), we'll send you a voucher in the form of a pretty card that you can offer in the meantime.

The dishes are being produced. It will be available in February.

"The expectation of pleasure is already a pleasure."

Why buy now? 

This tableware is normally intended for chefs. It is exceptionally available in pre-sale and at preferential prices.

After this campaign, the prices will be "boutique" prices
(30-80% higher).

How is the price calculated?

The manufacturing process at the factory has been adapted to be as close as possible to my workshop work. At every step,
the hand of Man intervenes.
The manufacturing process is much longer and more delicate
than a "normal" production. This has a price.

It is an indisputable choice of quality and high standards for me.

During this campaign our
profit is 17%.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The funds raised will make it possible to launch production by investing
in moulds and raw materials.

Your donations will be distributed as follows:

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