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Maylin- New cd: Let's do this thing!

I am planning to record a new digital album for our spring tour 2013. A folk album of 8 songs in English (+ one in French). Today, I am launching a fundraiser for this project. Be the first to own the album! Find out about the other perks (according to your contribution). If you like what you hear, your support would be greatly appreciated!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013
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Monday, December 02, 2013

Le concert, c'est ce jeudi!





Un petit rappel au sujet de notre concert de sortie de disque ( "Run Hippy Run")

Ce jeudi 5 décembre à 21H

au Nuba

36 Quai d'austerlitz (au dessus de la cité de la mode: escalier vers le niveau "terrasse" situé derrière la baie vitrée) 75013 Paris Metro: Gare d'Austerlitz

Entrée libre

Je serai accompagnée par Antonin Huerre à la guitare.


Si vous désirez dîner:  Réservation UNIQUEMENT au 01 76 77 34 85


en 2e partie Tao By



Voici le lien pour l'evenement sur facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/370531096417211/


A très bientôt! 




NB: Le cd physique n’est pas distribué en magasin pour l’instant, mais si vous souhaitez en acquérir des exemplaires pour vos amis, beaux-parents, grands parents vous pouvez le faire par mon intermediaire et/ou à cette occasion.

Cadeau de noël idéal! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Concert au Nuba reporté au 5 décembre


Attention please: le concert du 27 Novembre est reporté au jeudi 5 décembre.
Veuillez nous excuser pour ce changement.
L'attente rendra plus doux encore le plaisir de vous retrouver!
Je vous redonne l'adresse:
36 Quai d'austerlitz
(au dessus de la cité de la mode:escalier  vers le niveau "terrasse" situé derrière la baie vitrée) 
75013 Paris
Et voici  le lien vers un article paru à propos de l'album "Run Hippy Run":
rubrique lettres: avant-chronique du flâneur n 7
A très bientôt!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013





You should have received an email from  Wetransfer to download your mp3s and the booklet.

Some of you haven't done it yet, and it expires today.


If you don't have time to do it on time, please let me know and I will send it to you again (maylinpultar@earthlink.net).


For those who had time to listen to it, if you like it, please spread the word and share the link with your friends:




Or even post it on facebook.









Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tadaa! Here comes the album!


Hello dearest kisskissbankers!


It is with great joy and butterflies in my stomach, that I am pleased to announce that the album "Run Hippy Run" is coming to your homes on this very day (and a little before the rest of the world’s official release on 09/20/13)

Your patience and curiosity is finally being rewarded !


It has been a moving, tiresome and fulfilling journey and I’ve had the immense pleasure to collaborate with wonderful musicians.


All this is thanks to you !!


You will receive an email from « wetransfer » to download the mp3s and the digital booklet.

« Tadaaaa !! »


Thanks for helping me keep this dream alive !!


Lots of love your way.



a hippy on the run


If you haven’t joined our facebook fan page yet, you can join the crusade now (Watch out, I didn’t say that you were winning a cruise !)




NB : The album  « Run Hippy Run » is a 6 track EP but as a contributor, you will receive 6 tracks+ 2 singles scheduled to be released at a later date+ 2 additional demos for some of you)


PS :  For planning reasons the remaining rewards will get to you later on.

Once more, I thank each one of you for having supported this endeavor and for enabling this album to exist.




Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We are on the radio



A French Internet radio station has selected the album that you have supported  as their musical "crush"

and is announcing the cd release. Today, they started playing 2 of the tracks from the album.

Here are the scheduled playtimes for August 29 (Frog standard time): 6:06am, 7:12am, 9:01am, 1:22 pm, 3:01pm, 4:06 pm, 7:20pm, 10:07pm, 00:09 am, 01:17am

Check it out :


Stay tuned for the hottest news by liking our facebook page:


Monday, August 12, 2013

Album release date

Hello dear Kissbankers!

Here is the news :
The cd is scheduled to be released digitally on itunes, emusic, Rhapsody, amazon, ovi, Nokia music store, T mobile, virginmega.fr, orange, sfr, deezer, spotify…on Friday September 20,  2013.
It is called « Run Hippy Run ».
Needless to say I am over-thrilled!
We have decided to launch a 6 track E.P, followed by 2 singles the following months. 
As you are privileged in this adventure, you will get the 8 tracks right away, as promised, and before everybody else. Yoohoo!
There will be a cd release party with a live concert for the launch of the physical cd, later on. The date hasn't been set yet.
You will get your rewards on this occasion unless you cannot come, in which case we will sent the rewards to you.
In order to stay informed about  concerts, photos, videos, etc… you can become fans on facebook, at the following address
(I have just put the cd cover on it) 
Thank you again for making this adventure possible!!! 
I wish you a beautiful summer.
Cheers !!



Sunday, June 30, 2013

News about Maylin's cd


Hello my lovely Kissbankers !


Here are the latest news for those who are not on my facebook artist page (www.facebook.com/maylinmusicqueen):

Mixing and mastering are finished ! yeay !!

So the musical part is done.


The pictures are taken and we have just started creating the booklet.


There has been a lot of administrative chores in between and still a lot to come (argh !)

So september is the date !


Thanks for your patience.

Have a beautiful summer !




Friday, May 03, 2013

Update about Maylin's album




Hope you are well.


Here are some news about the album: We have finished all the recording sessions and are currently in the mixing phase.

I am waiting for the answer of an American producer  to know if he will do the final mix (name will remain secret until he says yes!), in which case the album will be probably finished this summer.


In the meantime, we have to take some pictures and do the booklet.


Before the next concert of the folk band “Maylin”, there will be a concert of my other band called “2 boots and a Cadillac”, a duo with the same guitar-player Antonin Huerre, but in a different style: acoustic blues/rock.

It is quite an exciting band as well, we play other original songs and revisit some delta blues tunes !


Take advantage: Entrance is free and the club has a nice atmosphere

The concert will take place on May 30 2013 at the China , 50 rue de Charenton, Paris 12e.

Here is the band page www.facebook.com/2bootsandacadillac


and the event page   https://www.facebook.com/events/460216967386293/


So that’s a date!

Have a beautiful week end.



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Maylin's recordings


Immense pride is what I feel today, after finishing all the recording sessions.


My second (musical) child is about to be born! 


I am moved by the passion, the amount and quality of work my collaborators have invested:

Antonin Huerre (guitare), Julien Lallier (piano), Yesser Oliveira (pandeiro), Jérôme (drums), Kim Le Oc-Mach (violin), Richard Puaud (bass, cello, sound engineer), and  my co writers (Brice de Margerie and Paul de Laboulaye, Alexander Ignaczac). 


It's not finished yet , but I am taking a break to give another round of thanks to all of you, for supporting this project and making this moment real. 

How do I love thee?!

You can follow the developments of the project by become a fan on facebook: www.facebook.com/maylinmusicqueen




Thursday, February 07, 2013

Maylin's album


Hello! !


After a lot of administration papers to fill, we are now making music!!!

The recordings started on Tuesday. What a blessing!

I will keep you posted on what's happening


Please follow us on   www.facebook.com/maylinmusicqueen for photos and news,

and on twitter: maylinpultar

A big thanks to you all!