Monographie de Miguel Chevalier

Participate in the publication of Miguel Chevalier’s new book, 240page work that retraces his creative artworks over the last eighteen years

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Monographie de Miguel Chevalier

This book "Miguel Chevalier" offers a panoramic view of the artist’s artistic universe. It sheds light on his specific way of composing works, which has been developed in conjunction with the use of digital tools, and on how his approach to composition has evolved over the last eighteen years, as well as on his inquiries and investigations into art and our surrounding world.

Presented in a 24 cm x 30 cm format, this work offers reproductions of a selection from among the most important installations Chevalier has executed over those years, many of which have never before been published.

This publication includes an introduction written by Jérôme Neutres and an interview with the artist conducted by David Rosenberg. These two texts cast additional light on the artist’s career path as well as on his artistic approach.

Along with its understated, contemporary graphic design from Trafik graphics, the book’s large format allows one to immerse oneself in Chevalier’s artistic universe.


Four chapters, each one separated from the next by a florescent-colored page, illustrate the major themes found in Chevalier’s work: Flows and Networks, Digital Arabesques, Nature and Artifice, Meta-Territories.






As we turn the pages of this book, we discover in-situ virtual-reality installations that have been executed across the world, starting with spaces inside museums (Museum of Modern Art, Céret, 2014; São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound, 2010) and expanding, on an architectural scale, to encompass national-heritage spaces (the former Casablanca Cathedral, 2014; Castel del Monte in Andria, 2014; King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, England, 2015) before heading out into public spaces (Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, 2013; Forum des Halles in Paris, 2017). Approximately forty digital installations in more than thirteen countries have transformed space and metamorphosed architectural structures.






This monograph also presents Chevalier’s sculptural work done over the last ten years. These sculptures, executed with the aid of 3D printing or laser cutting, now give material form to his virtual worlds.




Finally, this publication will also include photos from his one-man show Digital Abysses, which is being presented from March 8 to May 20, 2018 at the Bordeaux Submarine Base.


Monograph Miguel Chevalier
Bernard Chauveau Édition

24 x 30 cm
240 pages
Hard-cover book
Binding: Stitched, with color headband
Paper: Florescent and bright white
Four-color printing
Number of color reproductions: 180
Print run: 2,000 books in French; 1,000 books in English
Introduction by Jérôme Neutres and interview with David Rosenberg
Graphic design: Trafik
Publication date: April 2018
Price: 39 euros TTC








Offers for Your Contributions

The “Miguel Chevalier” monograph, produced with participatory financing, is the first of the offers being proposed as a way of thanking you for your support. This is a work that should be on everyone’s bookshelf!

For the following offers related to this participatory financing project, Miguel Chevalier has specially imagined several limited, signed, and numbered editions.

For all contributions in Europe, please add 15 euros for the shipping cost ;
Outside Europe, 35 euros for shipping cost.



Fractal Coral 1, 2018. 14,80 x 21 cm - Edition of 75
Fractal Coral 2, 2018. 21 x 29,70 cm - Edition of 50.
Laser cut in florescent paper. Inspired by the marvels of the sea.



L'Orignie du Monde, 2018 - Digital printing on Arches paper. Full-margin dimensions: 65 cm x 50.5 cm; body-text dimensions: 35 cm x 50 cm. Edition of 25.




Waar dient de collecte voor

For this monograph, Miguel Chevalier has received the support of The Mayor Gallery (London), the Keza Gallery (Paris), the Mordoch Gallery (Paris/Miami), the LMS Gallery (Brussels), the Wargny insurance company, and the EDIS Endowment Fund.

In order to finalize the overall financing for this publication, a 12,000-euro call for capital will secure the monograph’s printing budget.


Any and all contributions to this monograph project, whether small or large, will provide genuine support for the artist’s work and will help to widen its distribution in France as well as abroad.


Many thanks to the first KissBankers who have placed their confidence in us.

Please help us reach our goal.

Thank you for your support!

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Geschatte levering: juni 2018

L’oeuvre « Corail 1 » - Résine Dacryl et plexiglas - 29,50 x 24 cm - Oeuvre unique Réfléchissante à la lumière UV - Remise d’un certificat d’authenticité + la monographie « Miguel Chevalier » dédicacée par l’artiste + votre nom dans les remerciements de la monographie pour un soutien avant le 1er mars 2018 + deux entrées pour l’exposition « Digital Abysses » à la Base sous-marine de Bordeaux + un petit livret de 48 pages format 10 x 15 cm sur l’exposition  « Digital Abysses » à la Base sous-marine de Bordeaux + une carte de remerciements - Remise mi juin, à la fin de l’exposition « Digital Abysses ». Rendez-vous à convenir à Paris.
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