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A made in France dispenser for your Masking Tape

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mt dispenser

As kisskissbankers you’re not just any consumer buying what advertisers want you to buy. You decide what’s hot and what’s not. You don’t follow mainstream trends… you make the new trend! 

As early-adopters, you’re looking for new, for freshness. To do so, you take calculated risks and trust young entrepreneurs… not only because you like to help creative people but also because you’re smart and know at the end of the day it’s a going to be a win-win deal. 

As 21st century new hero, you have the power, and today I need you! 

Help me to make this project a success!


I’ll be extremely thankful and you’ll get 25% discount on the product price plus goodies as a reward for your kind support. 


Project story: 

It all started in 2013 while I was looking for a special gift for a dear friend of mine. 

Like many artists, especially graphic designers, she’s a huge fan of Japanese masking tape* so she had a lot of different ones hanging and messing all around her desk… 

I have to say I like things to be well organized and I know she’s like me. So I thought it would be a good idea to start looking for something to store these masking tapes… 

Quite unsatisfied by existing tape dispensers that were either too ugly, too complex, too cold or just not good enough I decided to create my own model. 

With a little help of my beloved product designer friend I started drawing and trying many designs… The idea was to create something very simple pure and natural… a bit like Japanese philosophy when it comes to object design. And soon enough, one design came up out of the box! 




So we bought some wood and started building first prototypes. 

That’s when I discovered that working with wood when you’re not woodman ain’t that easy! Even with such a simple design, I spent hours and hours to do and redo different parts, gluing them together, sanding etc… to get the exact result and quality I wanted. 

Finally when my friend's birthday came, I offered her my little dispenser, insisting on the many hours of manual work it took me to build it… and guess what, she very much loved it! (picture attached)

Well she loved it so much we wanted another one… and other friends saw it and ask for it too… ok then… back to the workshop! 

So back to the workshop I went, spending holidays and weekend in the basement producing not less than 50 masking tape dispensers (actually I made 100 but half of them were just not good enough ;-). 

Of course everyone around me though I was a bit crazy… “are you sure it worth the pain?” they said... but I was convinced my product was good and I persisted with my idea (sure all entrepreneurs know this feeling at some point right?). 

Hopefully when Christmas came I discovered I was right when I sold all my little stock within only 2 weeks.


What a pleasure when people you don’t know buy and like a product you’ve made all by yourself! 




Why this found raising campaign ? 

Well, although I love working wood, I’m just not good and fast enough to satisfy the rising demand for my dispenser. Moreover as a passioned graphic designer, I can’t see myself doing this all day long. 

So started to look for a good craftsman I can trust to manufacture my product in small series for an affordable price. 

With the help of my designer friend I have found a very nice woodman whose workshop is located in Brittany far from the crowd and close to the sea. Obviously I’ve made sure his dispensers will even better than mine in terms of quality! 


For now I can’t afford to pay for the all production in advance so I thought it would be a nice idea to propose you to pre-order your MT dispenser. Doing so, not only you’ll help a young woman starting her own creative business but also you’ll be amongst the very firsts to get these dispensers for at least  a 25% lower price. Good deal isn’t it? 



Product features: 

This dispenser is 100% made by hand in France 

It’s made in natural pine wood assembled with white wood glue. 

The white model is painted with highly durable white epoxy paint. 


Product dimensions: 

17,5 cm in length 

6,6 cm wide 

6,4 cm high 


The woodstick holding the masking tapes is 19,5 cm long and has a 2 cm diameter. 







first prototype with my local craftman Manuel who was kind enough to make it for free! ( in 2013 )






My friend mumute very happy with the first dispenser!



*masking tape is a registred product brand.










Waar dient de collecte voor

Some keys figures:


Cost of development, raw material, tooling and manufacturing: total 2275€ (65% of the target)


buying goodies (masking tapes) and shipment: 

350€  goodies (10% of the target)

12% shipment


promoting the project: 

5% -> 175€

Getting famous is expensive ;) this campaign is a good start to get people to know the product but I will also have to find other ways such as going to exhibitions, fairs and creative events (which means pay for stock, stand, transport etc…).  I will also use this money to pay for the website, and etsy commissions etc… 


kisskissbankbank's commission

8% -> 280€



What if the campain exceed the 3500€ target ?

Well fisrt BRAVO and thanks a lot your trust in my project. 


A 200€ excess will be used to develop a new design with another and more qualitative material to create a premium product reference (wait until you’ll see you’ll love it!). 


A 600€ excess will be used to to add our signature on the dispenser by engraving our logo in the wood. 


Beyond that I will invest the money to create other Balthazar products and creations. 


NB: like for all kiskissbankbank project, I will only get on my personnal account if the campaign target is achieved, if not you'll be automatically refunded.



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