MUSIC BEER "The beer that supports musicians and concert venues"

Traditional Belgian beer that supports musicians and concert venues!

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MUSIC BEER "The beer that supports musicians and concert venues"

A concept and committed beer

Traditional Belgian beer, specially brewed by beer and music lovers. Passion which materializes a range of beers of which each taste is identified by a "musical style".


BELGO SAPIENS Brewers is considered today as one of the Belgian breweries recognized for the quality and stability of its products, also confirmed by its numerous exports and its positioning in the large distribution network. Today, BELGO SAPIENS Brewers strengthens its production and market penetration force with its new creation "MUSIC BEER", a range of beers accompanied by powerful marketing which opens all doors in all sales sectors for national and international level.

Damien DEMUNTER, emeritus brewing engineer in the production of beers and the installation of 30 breweries around the world, is surrounded by 9 employees to ensure the production and operation of the latest technologies necessary to receive some "AWARDS" at national and international level.

Professionalism and capacity in constant progression for the best of the MUSIC BEER range and market penetration all over the world. A team and skills guaranteeing an expansion of the production, but always with a stability of the quality of the beers whatever the tastes and the recipes.

  • Production capacity: 20,000 hecto/year
  • Surface: 1.500m2
  • Potential for expansion (1.600m2)
  • Canning
  • Barrels
  • Beer on demand
  • Packaging

Markets acquired

February 2021 - Positioning in supermarkets.


Passionate about music, the creators of MUSIC BEER are totally concerned by the musical cultural sector hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis. This news today drives our ambition to support musicians, groups, composers and places of expression. Thanks to this committed promotion, many vectors of support are created and implemented, such as support for production, distribution and promotion.

Our support site for Musicians & Venues with our partners.

Waar dient de collecte voor


As you can imagine, our brewery represents today an investment of 1.500.000€. Here we are focusing on collecting for the MUSIC BEER range:

Collection = capital for the engagement of musicians (group) for production and concerts (live or via our YOUTUBE TV - depending on the Covid-19 situation) intended for an interactive promotion with MUSIC BEER.

Exceeding the objective will be used to create a "TRUCK BAR PODIUM" for the traveling promotion of musicians.

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