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Let's make your input to improve "my-blackbox", a very creative nomadic photography studio that wishes to become a professional studio...

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My Black Box







          My Black Box in a few words :


I am photographer and the Black Box is a darkroom, in which I play with my lights, in intimacy with the model, in order to sublimate the body and give him a poetic dimension.

In practical terms, I play with the long exposure time, light and bodies, which become almost secondary. Thanks to the light, I reveal a transfigured body, I turn the body into texture.

The Black Box's goal is to be movable. The photography studio goes with the flow, he finds his way as encounters, events, occasions and fits perfectly in all kind of place.



          Background of this project :



I started taking pictures 20 years ago, and then I left my camera out, in order to manage my home life.

In 2009, I set up myself some "Objective Poetry" exercises. This idea involves looking for my heart of amazed child, but in a conscious and methodical way. Therefore, alone, I daily look for beauty and surprise in the world around me. One day, an idea comes to me and I start to play with my body and light. More specifically, I'm playing with a bunch of optic fibers. I use that bunch of lights as a virtual paintbrush: I enjoy, by shaking it all around me in the dark and taking some pictures of that. I quickly understand the relation between total darkness, source of light, time exposure and movements.




I mainly see abstract and unusual forms coming from my pictures. I start to work on self-portraits but the "laws of flexibility" make me limited in my creation ;o), I'm quite satisfied of these first steps anyway...A first seed is planted.

I leave those pictures aside for months and one evening of February 2010, thanks to a discussion, I show them to a new friend... 

Excited by this concept, she offers to pose for me, in order to let me use my magic paintbrush onto a model, this way I can let my imagination be free and here we go, a new fantastic adventure begins...






At the beginning alone, my friend quickly comes with another model and it's now regular workshops, entire nights spent to do what we call soon "body light painting". A photographer, budding light painter, 2 models and I become lilo graine, a seed of artist.

The magic happens and here are born my first light paintings which will be the "Wonderland" collection: a world where the being is transfigured, where you can go away from your daily life and you are transcended, sublimated to become a dreamlike picture which reveals a beautiful part of yourself...The result of those workshops becomes quickly more and more successful as I show my paintings around me, ideas come from all sides and the Black Box starts to move and finds its way as encounters and places where we invite it.

This is how after months of work, the « Black Box » project grows and is born. I issue a call for models through a "famous social networking site" and thanks to my network and friends of friends, I can see my life changing from one way to another: strangers come into my house and are happy to be part of the light painting game. They enter in an entire dark room, follow my directions, I shake my bunch of lights around them. When they see the picture, their faces light up, I'm overjoyed.







It's been now more than 2 years and a half since the Black Box is born. It grows and now it's called "My Black Box", and I would like to give it a new dimension. I would like it to leave the nest, why not fly to new places, why not new cities, new countries...

Waar dient de collecte voor


Until now, I use a non-professional material, which restricts me in terms of technical quality (for shooting and printing) and therefore also restricts me in my creation. I will buy a new camera and this is already an expensive investment and I am going to manage that alone but I need your help to improve the technical specifications of My Black Box, in order to reach my final goal: give My Black Box its full dimension, make it leave the nest, make it travel in other cities and countries. 

I need to get complementary equipment so I can keep going into my aesthetic research. Here is exactly what I need and the detailed budget:



-         A specifically created 3m x3m (10ft) aluminum structure, movable, transportable and adjustable

>>>>>>  1000 euros

-         A fabric classified permanently M1 (National and international standard that test the burn behavior, which is necessary to be used in public places)

>>>>>>   800 euros

-          The basic equipment required in any professional photography studio (flashes, photographic tripod, umbrellas, backdrops)

>>>>>>  1500 euros

-          The 8% of commission charged by the KissKiss BankBank website

>>>> 250 euros


It makes a total amount of 3550 euros... 



Thanks for my fundraising, I would like to develop the following universe:


ART / Thanks to that style of photography, I would like to reinterpret some paintings of Old Masters, recreate, reinvent them...


DISCOVERY/ Bring the Black Box in countrysides and all over the world to provide a place of self-expression to newcomers...


ALTRUISM/ Bring this art installation in institutions and hospitals, in order to change the sad image people can have of handicap or sickness and turn it into a positive value...


EXPLORATION / Bring it into nightlife areas or any type of events and through that way spin a urban web of our world...


If you want to make your input and help this project to grow, you will enjoy all the compensations indicated in my list and of course for any contribution you'll get my eternal gratitude!!


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