, aidez à créer le site de tourisme créatif qui reconnecte les voyageurs à la vraie vie des communautés locales!

Help create a creative tourist site that links travellers to the real life of a local community.

Visueel van project, aidez à créer le site de tourisme créatif qui reconnecte les voyageurs à la vraie vie des communautés locales!
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19 %, aidez à créer le site de tourisme créatif qui reconnecte les voyageurs à la vraie vie des communautés locales!




« Do » rather than just « see » is objective.


Just like AirBnb or Ubber this site is based on collaborative consumption, and have many advantages !!Travellers will discover a new way to get in contact with the local community, thanks to the creative activities held by the host. The host will be paid in return for teaching their knowledge.



 HOW DOES IT WORK ?                                               





Passionate teachers






Craftman, sportman, cook, danser,sculptor, photographer, actor … you will propose your workshop on our site to share your passion or for it to be discovered by our travelers. The workshop must be creative and have a direct link relating to the country’s culture , therefore you will need to involve the traveller directly whatever the conception or action. You will decide on your own price for your activity. Once the traveler has chosen the activity, you will receive a notification and will need to validate the reservation. The money will only be transfered once the traveler has informed you of the given code that activates the payment.




Passionate Travellers






Hope to exchange your guided visits and camera against a salsa dance lesson in Cuba, thailandese boxing in Bangkok, a shushi cooking course in Tokyo, french gastronomy lesson in Paris ? Simply .. Chose your activity, Pay online, Reserve the workshop and you are ready for an overflowing and unique adventure ! To secure your payment, your host will only get paid from the moment the activation code has been given .



 WHY CREATE MYPASSIONTRIP.COM ?                                


« Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will learn » Confucius


Travellers nowadays are in search of authenticity whilst travelling and the mass tourism no longer have a chance. Cultural tourism answer less and less to the traveler’s need aside to the trip itself . They are looking to develop on a personality or knowlege level . go further than just cultural tourism. In addition as to offering full time experience, this site allows travellers to develop their potential. It allows coutries abroad to develop their own culture and offer a salary to whom will teach and share their passion . Live the experience rather than consume it, bring your help to experiment better the culture. This is long-lasting tourism. Creative tourism respect the community cultural environment and offer a sharing connection.









The project has been found by two combined ideas. It is cross over of a double common passion, travelling and art. Mathilde, a travelling lover, has developped a liking in discovering cultures and still integrates the human dimension in each of her adventures. It is in french polynesia that she discovers a population, proud of their culture and proud to transmit it to the whole wide world. Learning the tahitian dance, fishing and the local craft industry allowed her to submerge herself easily and better understand the tahitian. According to her, only the transmission of their know-hows and skills allow cultures to maintain alive.

Steve is descended from one of the six Guiana american indian tribute, and has been a witness to the weakening and cultural identity loss of the Guiana craftmen and the american indian too .

For a while now, he had in mind to bring forward his culture and his know-how thanks to art as it is a universal way to share.


Waar dient de collecte voor

We need to find 8000 euros for this project. This amount will allows us to create the website. Today we are already connected to freelancers who are ready to help us with this project.


Those 8000 euros are to pay the website but also the commission of KissKissBankBank.





Help us to create this project!


Thank you all.


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