Nomade chic destination Milan

Studio 22, the fledgling design company is launching its campaign in Milan! Join us in bringing beauty to the market.

Project visual Nomade chic destination Milan
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JakobHartel3418 days

From Rome to Newfoundland, Porquerolles to San Francisco, Rotterdam to Uzes - while this may not be the most successful fundraiser it is certainly has a marvelous itinerary! Cheers to all of you! Jakob

philoup3426 days

L'essentiel c'est l'action !...

HEIREN3429 days

BRAVO JAKOB !!! I'm very happy for you & wish you the best !

Mgd3430 days

je te soutiens ! tes créations valent le déplacement ;)

Ms. Denike3430 days

good luck KUBEEEE! rawk on!

LandArt3431 days

Here's my support - (exchange for preparing wood last week). Thanks & good luck...

mariavera3431 days

Good luck! great works :D Le Studio 2|2 XX