Make our climate safe, offset your carbon emissions, reforest in Nepal

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Make our climate safe, offset your carbon emissions, reforest in Nepal

Why a reforestation project in Nepal? 

The Nepal sustainable reforestation project is unique : we are supporting the plantation of trees on a mountainside in the Sindhupalchok region, which has been deforested a long time ago by its local communities for financial support and everyday life needs, such as heating or cooking. 

The project aims at:

  • restoring the forests and native ecosystems 
  • providing a stable income for the local community

To overturn the deforestation and its effects, the Eden Reforestation Projects employs local people to manage the nursery (where trees are grown) and plant the trees. By empowering the local community, we completely reverse the vicious circle of deforestation: local villagers get paid to reforest instead of getting money by deforesting it, selling woodor cultivating on the deforested areas. As an example, Eden Reforestation Projects has generated 41,880 workdays for the local community over the three nurseries that have been settled in Nepal. In addition to this, the benefit to the local biodiversity is significant. With the plantation of over 4 million trees, the soil gains in fertility, and the fauna benefits from  restored habitats. Moreover, the deforested mountain side is now unstable and prone to natural hazards. The plantation of trees and reforestation will help stabilize the terrain and recreate a safe space for the villages located in the valley.

Why do we need you?

Our final aim is to plant 500’000 trees in this reforestation project in Nepal. At the beginning of the year, we already planted 33’000 trees. We are now growing our community of determined and like-minded people willing to make a difference by supporting sustainable reforestation to make our climate safe for our near future.

We really need your help and support to scale up the reforestation project and reach this ambitious but realistic goal ! 

We are already looking forward to celebrating with you and the local communities this achievement !

How can you participate and do good ?

By donating to ON A MISSION, you are planting trees and offsetting your carbon footprint. Indeed, trees convert carbon into elements of which they nourish themselves. Participating in their plantation therefore participates to counter-balance the carbon we emit in our daily lives. It is not a miracle solution but at a large scale, which is what OAM aims at, it has the power to capture huge amounts of carbon dioxide and mitigate climate change.

We propose different rewards so that you can find one that matches your needs and situation : 

  • Carbon offset for a single individual : 6€ for a month or 70€ for a year
  • Carbon offset for a couple : 10€ for a month or 120€ for a year
  • Carbon offset for a family : 20€ for a month or 240€ for a year

We are really looking forward to welcoming you in our unstoppable community on a mission to make our climate safe for our near future. 


Don’t forget to share your positive action with your family and friends to inspire them to follow your steps. You can for example invite them to participate to this crowdfunding campaign or to compensate their monthly emissions on our website :

Linkedin :

Instagram :

Want to know more ?

If you are interested in getting to know us a little better, just stay with us and read the next few sections where we explain who is behind ON A MISSION, how we work and where we have other reforestation projects. 

What is ON A MISSION ?

ON A MISSION is a non-profit organisation which’s aim is to make our climate safe for our future by investing in sustainable reforestation, the most effective solution to solve climate change, while also providing biodiversity and community benefits. We enable individuals and businesses to support carefully selected sustainable reforestation projects to offset their carbon emissions. 

How did ON A MISSION start ?

“It all started, about 15 years ago, with a true love for nature and witnessing large devastating tropical forests wildfires in South-East Asia, in Thailand and Burma more specifically. When you witness natural habitats, trees and entire forests burning and disappearing in flames, you truly feel helpless. With the climate change worsening these last few years, I felt an urge to act. I couldn’t leave our planet burn like the forests fires I desperately watched a few years earlier. That’s when it all came together. Trees, one of the most cost-effective solution, can definitely help us mitigate climate change in a natural way while also benefiting communities and biodiversity. 

I teamed up with my co-founder, Auréline, to build ON A MISSION and we started growing a community of ambitious and driven businesses and individuals willing to have a positive impact on our Planet.”

Fred Fournier

ON A MISSION Founder and Director

Who is behind ON A MISSION ?

As every organization, we started small. But are now growing a team of determined members and volunteers all around the world! Most of us are in based in Switzerland but we also have team members in France, UK and Canada. 

How do we work ? 

As an environmental non-profit, ON A MISSION’s goal is to help companies and individuals reduce their carbon emissions as much as possible, and compensate the remaining emissions. If you own or know a company interested in reducing and offsetting its emissions, you can contact us. We will help you out through this impactful and fairly easy process.  

For the reforestation and carbon emissions offsetting, we work with local organisations that have been planting trees in their areas for several years already, and that have proven successful. We develop long-term relationships with our partner organisations, but also with our donors. Forests don’t grow overnight, they need time and attention. This is why we strive to build trustful durable relationships between all of ON A MISSION’s stakeholders.

Whether you are a company or an individual, if you want to protect our climate and planet, you are in the right place. You can either : 

  • participate to this crowdfunding campaign with one-time donations
  • offset your monthly emissions or make a donation of your choice on our website : This will give a significant long-lasting impact to your investment. 

Where we do good ?

Each sustainable reforestation project we support has been carefully selected and evaluated based on sustainable reforestation criteria such as : involvement of local communities in the tree planting activities, duration of the project, impact on biodiversity, soils and the local water cycle. Each reforestation project is unique, in terms of size, mode of operation but we share with them common values and a strong willingness to have a positive impact on our climate and planet. 

We have a direct contact with the local organizations and our relationships are based on trust, collaboration, transparency and long term partnerships.

Our final goal is to scale up these projects, share knowledge that leads to successful projects and replicate these projects in more areas worldwide to have the greatest positive impact on our climate.

Waar dient de collecte voor

If you participate today to our crowdfunding campaign, the Nepal sustainable reforestation project will be able to plant more trees, employ more local people, and ON A MISSION will gain in visibility and legitimacy. This will allow us to extend our actions and have a greater positive impact on our climate. As the trees will grow, they will capture atmospheric CO2 and make our climate safer for our future.

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