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Partir pour mieux revenir

Leave to better come back


In all confidence


My first album shows my love for my mother who was taken from me too early.

Leave to better come back


In all confidence


My first album shows my love for my mother who was taken from me too early.





Today the concerts which I enjoy aren't enough anymore. I feel the need to leave everything behind and go abroad to find and rediscover myself, to find inspiration to go forth in my life.


My essential


Leaving my family and friends in order to find what's important to me. For a few years I've been learning English, the piano and other things. I want to improve in order to give back. The only thing missing, the most important part... leaving.



Travel, travel


This trip is everything. It combines personal, artistic and professional goals. Beside singing, my second passion is teaching. I'm a mathematics teacher.




I've found an Australian school which will allow me to assist voluntarily a local teacher to learn new ways of teaching as well as show them mine. I'll come back fulfilled and richer.




Waar dient de collecte voor

Here are the details of the fees collected would cover :



Housing and food                                                     1000€


Flight                                                                            700 €


Insurance                                                                  220€


8 % for  Kisskissbankbank                                   167 €




Total :                                                                         2087€











Kies je beloning


Thanks on my facebook's page


    Remerciement sur ma page facebook et réception du morceau " Se battre jusqu'au bout" en version MP3. Thanks to my facebook page and receive the track "Se battre jusqu'au bout" MP3 Version.
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    Remerciement sur ma page et 2 morceaux MP3 de mon album "mon héroïne" . Thanks to my page and two MP3 songs from my album " Mon héroïne "
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    Précédentes contreparties + un single dédicacé. Previous rewards + an autographed single.
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    Previous rewards + an album "Mon héroïne" in MP3 .
    • 1 backer


    Précédentes contreparties + un album dédicacé . Previous rewards + an autographed album.


      Précédentes contreparties + cartes postales envoyées d'Australie durant le séjour. Previous rewards + postcards during my stay in Australia.
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      Previous rewards + 2 places on my concert when I 'm back


        Previous rewards + visit the lodges at a concert + a free drink
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        Previous rewards + a House concert

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