PeerTube, a free and federated video platform

Take back the control of your videos! Help us acheive a decentralized video hosting network, based on free/libre software.

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PeerTube, a free and federated video platform


PeerTube crowdfunding is now over! Thanks to you, we have reached (and exceeded!) the level of the "Deluxe" version. If the project is of your interest and you were unable to make a donation during the campaign, you can still finance the project by directly supporting the non-profit organisation that publishes and develops this project by going to the following address:


Your donation will then be used to support all the association's projects - and there are many of them!  - including PeerTube.



PeerTube is a practical answer to all video-tubes that centralize our data and attention. With it, videos can be hosted by the people, with the people, for the people.


PeerTube is a software anyone can install on a server, to get a data-friendly video-hosting platform, called a PeerTube Instance. PeerTube combines:


  ○ A free-libre license, that guarantees code transparency and legally allows you to use and contribute to the software;

  ○ A federation system, to widen the audience of the videos you host by syncing your instance with the ones you choose to (within the federation);

  ○ Peer-to-peer streaming, to make streaming resilient and fast  when a video goes viral.






In November 2017, we raised donations from our French-speaking audience to help us finance PeerTube development and test PeerTube on a large scale.


Last march, we released PeerTube in public beta! Medias, collectives, video-makers and even cities... people already made more than a hundred PeerTube instances hosting more than 7500 videos!


You can go and see by yourself the JoinPeertube website, a list of all the existing instances, the software source code... and even watch some videos on Framatube, our PeerTube instance!





Now, PeerTube both needs to come out of its French-speaking shell and lacks key features to become a practical alternative to data-centralizing video platforms. This is where you come in.

Waar dient de collecte voor


Let's learn from the past mistakes... Today's video-platforms, such as Google's YouTube, Facebook Videos or Vimeo:


○ Have a non-transparent closed-source code. No one but their NDA-binded employees can go "under the hood" to watch out for non-ethical code;

○ Centralize our data and attention. Their advertisement-based economic model can only be fed by our privacy.

○ Imply huge technical infrastructures. Their centralized video-hosting model can only be sustained by big companies. That's how they get to impose us their terms and conditions.





PeerTube is already (and legally) all yours!


We are not making our video-platform: we are creating a tool for anyone to make their own! The Free-Libre software licence attached to PeerTube is a legally-biding open contract.  It allows anyone to use, study, adapt and contribute to PeerTube.


PeerTube gives you (or your community) the opportunity to host your own video-tube. You can emancipate yourself from data-centralizing and attention-craving platforms, without becoming another isolated video-website lost on the web.


If you host, you rule: PeerTube Instances hosters can choose their own terms and conditions, moderation management, federations settings (what other PeerTube instances you choose to follow), etc. But remember: with great power comes great responsibilities!


If we have proven that PeerTube works fine, it still needs to grow into its full potential.






20 000 € goal: PeerTube v1, clean and simple

(note: €20 000 ~ 23 450 USD)


With your help, we can get PeerTube to its first stable release, its v1, planned for October, 2018. You will finance the development of:


  ○ Interface localization, to support multiple languages;

  ○ Video subtitles, to facilitate video accessibility for diverse audiences;

  ○ RSS feeds, to follow instances, users and channels through RSS protocol;

  ○ Video import from URL (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.) or torrent file;

  ○ Improved and advanced search feature;

  ○ Software stability (bug fixes) and scalability.


Moreover, you can help us get this alternative known all over the world by sharing this page and inviting people to #JoinPeertube!




45 000 € stretch goal: PeerTube Deluxe v1

(note: €45 000 ~ 52 800 USD)


There are important features we dream of including into the v1. We hope you will contribute so far as to helping us finance:


  ○ Video redundancy (to share bandwidth between instances or as fallback if the original instance is down)

  ○ Subscriptions to users & channels throughout the federation (for users to subscribe to whatever they want regardless of their instance federation settings)




75 000 € stretch goal: let's pave the road to v2!

(note: €75 000 ~ 88 000 USD)


PeerTube isn't a quick and easy fix to data-centralization through video platforms. It's an alternative that will grow and emancipate internet users on the long run. At this point, your contributions will help us:


  ○ Finance the development of a webapp that will be available on Android and iOS app stores;

  ○ Contribute to the ActivityPub community. ActivityPub is the groundbreaking federation protocol that runs PeerTube's federation and also Mastodon's (a federated Twitter alternative);

  ○ Secure PeerTube's lead developer employment after the V1 release (oct. 2018);

  ○ Pave the road to V2, where our priority will be a plugin system to facilitate the development of personnalized features and displays.




We don't aim to make a profit out of PeerTube: we just want a sensible and practical YouTube alternative to come true, and be available for anyone.


Here is how we plan to spend the money you will contribute to this project



  ○ 60 % on development and technical fees;

  ○ 20 % on community outreach;

    • 15 % on communication (videos, websites, etc.);

    • 5 % on contribution to the federation (ActivityPub, helping other instances, etc.);

  ○ 10 % on project coordination and logistics;

  ○ 10 % on banking and crowdfunding fees.





We are Framasoft, a French non-profit


Framasoft is a small French non profit of 35 members, including 8 employees. We define ourselves as "a bunch of friends who want to change the world, one byte at a time."


Since 2004, we have been promoting Free-Libre software and its culture through practical and useful projects: Free-Libre Software directory and USB keys, a blog and a publishing house, etc.





Between 2014-2017 we raised awareness on data-centralization by big data companies with our De-google-ify the Internet campaign.


We showed that Free-Libre software-based services are an ethical alternative by hosting (and contributing to) 32 alternative solutions to services like Twitter, Skype, WeTransfer, Facebook, GoogleDocs and even Minecraft!



From 2017 to 2020, our roadmap is called Contributopia, and we aim to create alternatives thought "out of big data's box", facilitate the hosting and spreading of ethical web services, and help the digital lives of anyone who wants a contributors' society.


We are financed at 95% through individual donations (the 5% left being T-shirt and book sales).

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