Printemps / Debut album

"I think anything is possible to those who dream, dare, work and never give up." - Xavier Dolan 

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Printemps / Debut album


After several years of discovering and testing different styles, I am finally launching my own vision of music with this album that I would like to produce.
Indeed, 2020 has been a great year of changes and challenges during which I have learned a lot and progressed both personally and musically.



Today, I wish to launch myself in my own style of music, mixing several electronic sounds and a touch of orchestral. That's why I wish to realize this project, entitled "Printemps".

This album will represent me, will mark the renewal, the transition. I'm looking to create half dark and half joyful fusions, which defines my style of clothes and the artistic direction I would like to follow. This divergent association between two seemingly opposite styles will be emotionally charged and accessible to all musical styles.



My goal is to create a solid, professional, complete and innovative first album in order to develop myself. But also, to support with the record companies my real passion and my professionalism to have realized this project in independent. Whether it is the quality of production, promotion, visuals or artistic direction, I really want to make a complete project.

Waar dient de collecte voor

This fundraiser will help me finance several key elements to the release of my album:

- Video clip to cheer up the release of the album. This video will be made in a big studio with the help of three choreographers and about twenty dancers... to be continued ;) )

-Graphic design of the album such as the cover, the filter, the artistic direction in order to present a complete and professional project.

- Collaboration with artists such as singers or producers in order to produce quality tracks ;)

- Promotion, advertising, sponsoring on all networks to promote the album a maximum and gain visibility.

This is not the cover ;)

Thank you very much for your support.

Get ready for November 2021...

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