Reforestation and Permaculture in the Andalusian Desert - Year 2

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Reforestation and Permaculture in the Andalusian Desert - Year 2

Welcome to the 2021 page of "Reforestation and Permaculture in the Andalusian Desert"!  After a successful attempt at planting trees in Almería in the south of Spain last year, we have decided to renew our project, and surpass our aim!

The super intensive olive farms of Tabernas have drained groundwater supplies in the region. How can we face this ecocide which does not seem to concern the local authorities?

In 2020, we succeeded in planting 500 trees! This year, we have almost tripled our aim, hoping to plant 1355 trees in the valley. The idea remains very similar to the previous year. Our project is to reforest the Cariatiz valley with local endemic species. This ecological approach aims to renew the groundwater in the valley. The lack of annual rain (200 millimeters per year) gives all the more importance to the three sources of the village: the only natural reservoir of underground water. 

Thanks to Joachim's idea last year, we created a homemade water reserve to collect rainwater to water our plantations. This year, we recuperated 4000 L of water ! 

The goal is to recreate an autonomous ecosystem: plant flora, which attracts fauna, and generates water. Ideally, this project will develop over years, and will be carried out each annually in order to reforest the whole valley, tree by tree.

This year, in 2021, we decided to integrate the local community to our project by offering a total of 90 trees to Cariatiz for them to plant.  If the crowdfunding is successful, we will augment the number of donated trees in the following years. Analog photographs of the residents with their trees taken by Léa will soon be uploaded onto the page. Keep your eyes peeled!


Frédérique would like to send huge thanks to the volunteers: Léa, Quentin, Ouria, Chris & Chris, Julian, Thomas, Santiago, Dagmary and Marguerite.

Waar dient de collecte voor

- Trees: 1355 trees for this year in 2021, still aiming for more in 2022.

Ten different endemic tree species:

  1. Ceratonia siliqua (200)
  2. Quercus ilex (200)
  3. Pistacea terebinthus (200)
  4. Quercus coccifera (150)
  5. Rhamnus Alaternus (100)
  6. Pistacea lentiscus (100)
  7. Cercus siliquastrum (100)
  8. Cupressus piramidalis (100)
  9. Pinetree (45)
  10. Acebuche -wild olive tree-  (100)

- Tools: auger screw, Egyptian level

- Backhoe and labor cost of a local farmer

- Amendments: humus of earthworms, straw and animal manure from local producers

- Hosting the volunteers: housing (annex of La Barquilla), heating and food - organic vegetables from a local and independent market gardener.

Thank you for reading!

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