Romain Pilon "Copper"

Help fund "Copper", the new album by guitarist Romain Pilon featuring Pierre de Bethmann and Seamus Blake as special guests!

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Romain Pilon "Copper"



Romain Pilon



jazz&people, the leading French crowdfunded jazz label, is proud to present Romain Pilon’s Copper, an ideal title for the conductor from which cables are made, and which sets the tone for this high-energy trio propelled by groove with a capital G and electric fusions.


After three albums whose atmospheres were more acoustic, including "The Magic Eye" with Ben Wendel and Walter Smith III, which showed his contemporary and dynamic appropriation of tradition and his allegiance to the current movement heralding the resurgence of the guitar on the New York and Paris jazz scenes, Romain Pilon is now expanding his musical universe through the more eclectic Copper project.



Reconnecting with his teenage influences, the guitarist has conjured a repertoire that he had in fact never played before, and which reveals an unexpected aspect of his talent.  Using an array of pedals and effects which broaden his musical palette, he reinjects into his music memories of Led Zeppelin, the experimentations of Herbie Hancock in his Headhunters period, the atmospheric fusions of Weather Report, and the electric brutalism of Miles Davis during his 1970’s "electric years"… all the while listening intently to contemporary musicians such as the English singer Laura Mvula, the Australian group Hiatus Kaiyote or the prodigy Taylor McFerrin


With Copper, he also shows allegiance to the movement incarnated by various musicians he rubbed shoulders with at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, with whom he performed on the stage and with whom he shares a certain spirit, such as Christian Scott, Lionel Loueke, Kendrick Scott or Esperanza Spalding, who strive to anchor jazz in the present.



Assuming his desire to play groove music and his dreams of sonic fusions, a quest for playful metrics and unexpected textures, Romain Pilon has come up with an unusual trio format, one without a bassist, and founded on an axis constituted by various keyboards (Fender Rhodes piano with effects, analogic synthesizers) played by Tony Paeleman, the new and highly in-demand specialist (Vincent Peirani’s Living Being, Anne Paceo’s Circles, The Watershed, etc), and Fred Pasqua’s drumming, whose busy and complex playing gives the trio an irresistible dynamic.


Faithful to his concept of a clear approach to playing, emphasizing the melodic quality of his inspiration, Romain Pilon, who was encouraged when graduating from Berklee by none other than Pat Metheny himself, asserts a more biting style of playing in this context, with flashes of electricity, and suffused with vibrations that make Copper a new high-energy chapter in the career of a musician who has fulfilled his early promise and now has an international audience.



The album features two special guests, musicians who also have the twinfold culture of jazz and groove, of acoustic and electric playing : the American saxophonist Seamus Blake, a former partner of John Scofield, co-founder of Bloomdaddies with his alter ego Chris Cheek, and who has an impressive maestria when it comes to locking into a groove; and the French pianist Pierre de Bethmann who, exclusively on piano, confronts with his exceptional sense of melody the electric keyboards of Tony Paeleman.  Both find their role naturally in the universe of Copper, evolving with ease in this highly-charged sonic environment.



From the press:


"Something new that one can’t fail to notice." - Télérama


"Fluidity and clarity, modern playing in the best sense of the word… Romain Pilon’s approach gets to the heart of the matter." - Jazz Magazine


"An alluring sensitivity and a profound poetry." - France Musique


"Romain Pilon’s guitar playing is without doubt the most subtle to be heard on the jazz scene in the past few years." - Qobuz




1. Bibou featuring Seamus Blake

2. Trippin' 

3. Four Moons featuring Pierre de Bethmann

4. Laniakea

5. Home

6. The Quiet Ones featuring Seamus Blake

7. Poppish featuring Pierre de Bethmann

8. Dear Wayne featuring Seamus Blake


All compositions by Romain Pilon


Romain Pilon guitar

Fred  Pasqua drums

Tony Paeleman Fender Rhodes, Bass Synth, Keyboards


Pierre de Bethmann piano on 4 and 7

Seamus Blake tenor sax on 1, 6 et 8


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The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered. Only one step remains in order for it to see the light of day. For that, we need your support.


Launched by the journalist and curator Vincent Bessières, jazz&people is a breeding-ground label that welcomes projects from creative musicians and helps them come to fruition through crowdfunding. It mobilizes music lovers through a responsible approach that gives precedence to the direct relationship between the artists and those who listen to them.  This is the reason we are asking you for your generous financial support.


The collected contributions will be used to pay for :

- the SDRM (mechanical rights of authors, composers and editors) : 1000€

- those who contributed to the fabrication of the album (graphic designer, translator, photographer, illustrateur) : 1500€

- printing the album in CD format (1000 CDs) : 1200 €

- promoting the album: 1500€

- KissKissBankBank commissions: 300 €


The monies collected for sales of the album by jazz&people will be given 100% to the Romain Pilon's Copper project (other than the commissions taken by the crowdfunding platform).


If the campaign is a success, the album will be released at the end of March 2018.

The participants will receive their rewards in the days preceding the release, discovering the album avant-première!



following the fundraising, we have more than the necessary amount? Then we will have more resources to promote this music and to make it visible.

And if we don’t reach our goal? Then the project collapses!


And with the development of the music offered on streaming sites (from which musicians make almost no money), not many people feel like paying for music anymore. By giving your support now you are making a militant act, because you allow this album to come to light without making the artists take risks, as they have already invested a lot of time and money.  If this crowdfunding project reaches its goal, you will get other benefits in addition to receiving the album before its release date.


The artists need you. But we need artists even more.


Thanks in advance for your generosity and your support.

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