L'homme de la situation

Help us finance the 1st major manufacturing of Roy nu ; the french line of chic and sexy loungewear for men !

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L'homme de la situation


I am delighted to present Roy nu, the textile range that I imagined a few years ago, when my activities as a personal shopper led me to propose to my clients, beautiful outfits for their wedding, "the most beautiful day of their life!

It was clear that for the wedding night, the groom had little choice, in terms of intimate clothes! I used to struggled to find exquisite and virile products.

Since 2016, Elisabeth Zordan, my technical partner and I, polish these products so that they become your "favorites"! Our leitmotif is to awaken or maintain, a notion of sensory pleasure when you're home : Pleasure for the skin, pleasure for the eyes!

There for, Roy nu  is a chic line of loungewear for men.

Launched in June 2017, the range, of a noble purity, is entirely conceived in natural materials, of high quality (cotton, mother-of-pearl buttons ...).

Roy nu offers sensitivity, lightness to "contemporary conquerors", when they are home, when they wish to escape their heavy everyday-clothes or when they are in seductive mood.

Roy nu is not a substitute for the classic and austere "intimate clothes". It is not any other underpants, nor any other umpteenth shirt: It is a range of interior clothes that means a tender and "accomplice" back thought!

The products are perfect gifts for wedding nights and Valentine's Day. Hypoallergenic, almost immaterial and comfortable, the items can also be worn in the city, according to your modesty. Free to accessorize, overlay or unveil them !


The collection is available in white as well as blue "royal night".

Thank you to our first customers and all those who encourage us every day!


Waar dient de collecte voor

After the launch of a small test-production at our modest cost, to an enthusiastic audience, we want to provide a wider range of sizes to our growing customers.

Your generous participation would help us to finance the costs of this new manufacturing, in Portugal.

The atelier that produce our collection, puts a special care (stitching and french seams ) and a considerable time in the process.They do a great job!

In the 1st step, we hope to receive 7000 € which would cover the amount of the production.



Step 2 : If together we exceed 8500 €, we will realize a new visual campaign with a talented photographer + an handsome model "new face" that you will have enjoyed via social media, helping us find them on Instagram @roy.nu or Facebook @roynu

Casting: July / August 2018 - SHOOTING Date: SEPTEMBER 2018

* The company Roy nu - SAS Royal Tease - will collect the entire crowdfunding.

Thank you so much ! 

Sincerely Yours 


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