Rozly : premier Ep

Join Rozly's adventure !!! Take part in the realization of my first EP.

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Rozly : premier Ep

Welcome in my crowdfunding project

I'm Rozly from Congo Brazzaville,I'm a singer, songwriter and composer. I'm very happy to present my songs from my travels and inspirations.



This year could be, thanks to you, the one that will see the birth of Far Away, my first EP.

It's been two years since the idea of sharing my music is close to my heart. So I carefully chose five titles of which I entirely composed the music and wrote the texts to constitute my first artistic support.

This is how these songs are now ready to flourish.



After singing on stage for two years, inspired by the folk music of Africa, US and Europe, I felt the desire to express myself through my own compositions while keeping important the influence of the popular songs of my childhood still helping me in my artistic construction.



I also participated in the filming of the first season of the program "Incroyable Talent" in Africa. I had to leave the show in the quarter-finals with a promise of collaboration with the artist Fally Ipupa who finally failed.

Nevertheless, I continued to work and concentrate on my music thanks to my patience and positive feedback from the general public.



Today, it is a great joy for me to add this great brushstroke to the colors of my journey by inviting you to join my adventure with your contribution.


So I need your participation in this crowdfunding project to complete the project of a lifetime.


Thanks to my different travels, today I am lucky to have around me professional people sharing my artistic ambitions. These are beautiful human and artistic encounters that have littered my road.

I would like to mention my mentor Philippe in Senegal, bassist Hyppolyte thanks to whom I met Jauk El Maleh, vocal coach Riad and producer Daniel N'guessan in Casablanca.






Far Away :

Five tracks with pop-folk accents carried by themes relating love, loneliness, childhood, intimate and universal beliefs, "Far away" a story both personal and understanding by all. It's a way for me to share with you my musical and artistic universe.


Music Compilation :

Find some of my compositions to have an overview of my musical universe.



Waar dient de collecte voor

For a start, I intend to be self-production and that means perform by myself without a record company!


So you guess that start as a composer and self-producer is far from easy. That's why I'm appealing to you.


The final goal being the realization of my EP 5 tracks, the collection will be used to rent the recording studio and to pay the choristers and professional musicians including a traditional percussionist, a bassist, a pianist, a violinist, a korist and a drummer.

Provisional Timetable

We need 3500 € for studio recording.

Ep recording and mixing will be done at the studio

"WCS Media" in Casablanca in May 2018.

On the other hand, the mastering will be done by Daniel N'guessan at the beginning of July 2018.

I will be able to send you the digital EP in late July or early August 2018.


Budget Breakdown

-          Recording, mixing, mastering : 1650 €

-          Musicians : 1600€

-          Kisskissbankbank commission : 280 €


The amount requested is 2500 € in order to achieve a support even if the collection does not reach the expected amount.


I will take care personally :

- Rehearsal fees

- Rental of the studio and the accommodation of the musicians 

- Pay travelling expenses of musicians

- CD pressing and duplication


My companion Mehdi Louis Mohammed BENAÏSA will collect the entire collection.


Far from being a simple model, the "Far away" Ep must be qualitatively finished support. In the event that the collection exceeds my expectations, I would be able to best promote it by making a musical clip to reach a larger audience.

And why not consider registering other titles!


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