Play to fund a field trip to the USA

Support young French students in their hope of traveling to the USA

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Play to fund a field trip to the USA

My name is Marine and I teach English in a French high school in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines in Alsace. 


This year, I've decided to take my 13 European section students to the USA: Selma, Tom, Enzo, Tobias, Mattéo, Lucie, Solène, Julie, Hira, Alban, Lucien, Iannis and Célia. They are hardworking and motivated students who really deserve this chance. I can't put a picture of them here because of privacy issues but trust me, THEY ARE THE CUTEST BUNCH OF STUDENTS!!!


We've raised funds through Christmas caroling so far and we've been working on a performance of Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest. The money made through ticket sales will also help us fund our travel. 


Here is the trailer of the 2002 movie version of the play! Enjoy!



The problem is: it is really difficult to find costumes for free and our school has absolutely no budget to buy any. 


I have high hopes for this project because I truly believe that traveling to a foreign country is the best way to get to know its true culture. I was lucky enough to have this kind of experience when I was their age (I lived in the USA for 6 years) and I just really want them to experience it as well. 


It won't be like a normal vacation in America but a true immersion into the lives of their American penpals with whom they've been exchanging letters and videos for the past 5 months. 


The plan is to go there next school year, between October and January. The play will be performed on Friday, April 20th in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines in Alsace, France. 


Waar dient de collecte voor

If you donate money, this will fund the purchase of costumes for my 13 students so the play can be performed.


Costumes will include:



70 EUR


85 EUR


75 EUR


85 EUR


70 EUR


55 EUR


65 EUR


The costumes will of course be reused for future projects. 


I will receive the money and then buy the costumes on the internet. 


In case we collect more money than expected, the extra fund will be used for activities we will do once in the USA. These activities include (among other possibilities): 


*traveling to Nashville


*eating at a local diner


*going to a country music concert


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