Aidez à la création de MOBEMBO ! La première collection de SAKANA, marque de prêt à porter féminin haut de gamme.

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SAKANA is a French brand of ready-to-wear feminine high-end created less than a year ago. Sakana means "have fun, play" in Lingala (DRC). We chose this term because it expresses our desire to shake the codes by having fun and combining two universes: the feminine / masculine classic and the ethnic cloakroom, to create innovative, rich and feminine patterns, cuts and textiles .


Each collection highlights 2 ethnic groups, which, once explored, will be associated with the classical cloakroom.





          THE CREATORS:




     Priscillia Giannelli, fashion designer, fascinated by ethnic groups and their textile knowledge, graduated from a Parisian fashion school with a knit specialization. With a first experience in textile design, she wants to travel the world to enrich her textile knowledge and bring you to every collection a little bit of travel in your daily outfit. She is mainly responsible for the design of the garments and is at the origin of SAKANA.





    Morgane Etienne, stylist and passionate about the work of the material graduated from a fashion school with a knit specialization. She then worked in a textile design company in France to broaden her knowledge. It is primarily responsible for the knit creation and the choice of materials.         





Our materials are 100% natural and of excellent quality. We try to work with companies that share our environmental values. All our fabric will be reused so as not to waste anything.




Sakana wants each woman to be fully and proudly assertive, for beauty has no color, no age, no format. We thus spread our cuts and sizes as much as possible. All the design of the collection, from the printing of the motifs to the realization of the clothes, is done in France, by our little hands. From the 100% homemade to the French!







What is Mobembo?


Mobembo is our first collection. This term means travel in Lingala. We chose to do things on a large scale and not to select two ethnic groups but to broaden our horizons to a greater extent to have a greater wealth of motifs and to be able to express our creativity more freely. Our intention is to conceive patterns that reflect the diversity of the ethnic groups chosen, assimilated to the urban world in which we live. Autumn colours and embroideries will enhance our rooms. The collection will consist of 10 outfits, so about thirty pieces.


Waar dient de collecte voor

    The collection will allow us to design our 1st collection and lay the foundations of our brand. It is with you that this beautiful project will be born, so do not hesitate to take part! I


Priscillia Giannelli will collect the entire fund.         












Our goal is to complete the collection by the end of June 2018 so that it can be worn by next autumn. So we've 9 months left. - The first three months will constitute the research phase (drawings, motifs, prototypes, ...). We will also carry out our first heavy expenses (purchases of materials, textile prints ..). - The next four months will be in the making of the final pieces and their embroideries. But also accessories, depending on the fall of fabrics. - The last two months are reserved for the marketing / communication part (shooting, launch party, appointment with multi-brand stores, ..).          




If we exceed this goal, several projects are warm in our heads :) We are currently using animal leather scraps, and although it is a nice form of recycling, we would like to work with vegetable leather so that we do not take part in animal abuse anymore. Once the vegetal leather is acquired, we would like to work on the creation of a line of shoes with real cobblers. Financing the creation of a super online shop, in order to sell our creations and extend our customer base to all of France. We dream: launch a mens line! So that both women and men find their happiness in us. The opening of a boutique in Paris, in order to gain visibility and to be able to offer our customers a dedicated space.








First of all a huge THANK YOU for taking the time to read. Then another huge THANK YOU for your support. Finally millions of THANK YOU for you generosity !! We send you a lot of flying kiss, hoping that they find they way to your home.






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