Sencha & Bourbon

Welcome to the story of a textile project born in San Francisco in 2012, a simple idea: dyeing fabrics with spices, teas & coffees.

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Sencha & Bourbon


Sencha & Bourbon is the story of a textile project born in San Francisco in 2012. The idea was simple: dyeing fabrics with spices, teas, coffees and pigments.





The story is written through the shape of scarves, immense stoles that carry a sense of vibrant warm colours and most of all : a warm touch.


The project moved to Paris in a few suitcases during 2013. A series of notebooks was then created - made from upcycled paper with covers made from recycled leather.





Each piece is unique. As is each dye, each design, and ultimately each packaging detail. Scarves are customized with their owner’s initials; as are notebooks and leathers, whether embossed or engraved.





Fabrics, mainly jerseys, came to me through travels; hand-woven silks from Istanbul, raw organic cottons from San Francisco, and soon to come: cashmeres from Portugal.






Spices as well are found through travels, whether mine or yours.

All these contribute to a story I am proud to tell; the story of pieces made by hand with a human and ethical dimension, made possible thanks to you.



A very personal recipe, would look just like this :


. A piece of the softest material, between 5 and 8 ft long, depending on your appetite

. 5 to 8 liters water at 80 degrees Celcius

. 1 pound of salt dissolved in water

. Throw in a branch of sage (natural softener) to the mix

.  Add these ingredients one by one whilst stirring the material, in order to apply different shades

. 2 tbps of Turmeric from Istanbul

. 1 dose of Russian Henna

. 5 dried hibiscus flowers from Guadeloupe (thank you Mother)

. 5 tbps of Indian Kent coffee, to progressively darken the colour during the shading

. 2 oz of Bourbon in a glass (just to remember the lyrics of Yoncé)

. Repeat the last 4 steps gradually during the shading. Let it simmer for 20 minutes between each step, and top up with hot water as it gets colder while the whisky warms you up…





These days you can find Sencha & Bourbon until the 18th October at the Gaîté Lyrique (museum of digital arts) in Paris




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Illustrations by Carlotta Saracco



Up to this day, this story has been spread by word of mouth, in small quantities. Slowly it has reached newer goals, and newer clients (I call them adoptive parents). Now is the time to set the bar higher !


I applied for a microcredit from the city of Paris (the ADIE Association), which will be used to finance  a studio-boutique on Rue d'Enghien, in Paris.


This Kisskissbankbank pledge will allow me to honour my first company orders, to buy the stock and the equipment for the studio-boutique. Also, the success of this fundraising will act as a guarantee to the ADIE association (Paris’ grant) that all of you trust and follow this exciting adventure and that their investment is secure.


Expenses are as follows:

- Cashmere stocks: 1100 euros

- Organic silks and cottons stocks: 1500 euros

- Plumbing (dyeing trays and water heating system): 1200 euros

- Stationeries: 800 euros

- Studio works (painting, lighting): 750 euros

- New web site: 1200 euros

- Compensations: 1100 euros

- Communication: 500 euros


Which amounts to 8150 euros.


The fundraising’s objective has been set slightly lower to cover the basics and the 8% KissKissBankBank fee.



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