Simon McDonnell: Album Solo #1

Help Ride On [music] by funding Simon McDonnell's debute album. Simon has been working with french producer Alexandre Sallet to achieve this

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Simon McDonnell: Album Solo #1



This is how it all started:


"I had the words to this song in my mind for a good while and one day in his flat in Rennes Alexandre Sallet played one of his latest tunes. It was so beautifull that it inspired me for the melody of Derry. It was the first song we composed together."


The recording of "The Hidden River" has taken place between January 2012 and June 2013 near Rennes in Britanny. Simon McDonnell and Alexandre Sallet have recorded, mixed and co-produced the album and have also selected a fine panel of musicians and artists to enhance the sound and embellish the songs. It will be distributed all over France in February 2014 and will also be downloadable all over the world. Here's a first song out of the album:



Please help us by funding this project!




Simon McDonnell's warm voice gives his singing a dramatical sureness and a very recognizable grain. His songs open a deep and unique world swaying from dry land to dreamland. For the past few years Alexandre Sallet has accompanied him on the accordion. His playing blends rhythmical efficiency and a sharp sense of catchy melody that suit Simon's songs particularly well.

Simon McDonnell has been writing songs ever since he started playing the guitar at 15. He then explored the art interpretating traditionnal irish songs. On this debute album he chooses the best of both personnal and traditionnal.


Simon and Alex are also working together in another band called Spring Barley that you can discover on their website and also watch on youtube:


Simon also plays in several other bands:, So WAX et Here's the McDonnell Trio's latest recording:


Waar dient de collecte voor


(take a peep at the album cover)


Along with funding this beautifull projet, this crowdfunding operation will help promote Simon's music. In order to achive these we really need you to spread the word to all your friends and relations, share it with your network and on your facebook pages and profiles etc.


Ride On [music] is a Rennes based recording and promoting label. It was created by a group of artists and their entourage to help promote their music


Here's the budget for Simon's debute album:


300    mastering (

1300  printing

890    SDRM (copyright)

300    Production Ride On [music]

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