Soutenez mon Premier album - Corasol -

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Soutenez mon Premier album - Corasol -




... Itinerant musician, in love with life...

Passionate by the mysteries and adventuress of dreams ...


Fruits from the Tree


I invite you to support wish to make my first album painted with colorful landscapes. Thanks to Pablo Belko's Handpan ZIVA, which is a wonderful melodic percussion. Its sound invites to introspection and serenity. I would like to travel the world by sowing the seeds of dreams that I carry in my heart.





Music accompanies us in all the moments of life,

Reflecting the melodies that vibrate in the depths of our heart ...


The Trunk



Since 3 years, I lead a nomadic life, I chose to travel to get to know myself better. The projects of solidarity and the accompaniment of the people in difficulties allowed me to open the horizons of my spirit. And thanks to the many encounters of life, I am more and more amazed about the abundant diversity of relationships that reflect the richness of our world.


The city of Lognes in seine et marne, supports me in this project! Thank you !





The Roots




Since childhood, the Breath of Life inspires me to infuse love and kindness in everything I met.

I wish that I can bring some gentleness and well being to humanity...

Also through the tool of music.





Through this musical project, I wish to sing my aspirations to life.

Mixing different universes in which I bathed !

The album will be tinted with world music, relaxing, soul and jazz inviting to the inner journey!





The first buds


I remember my first meeting, in the street, it remains engraved in my memory...

Like a hymn to the generosity of nature, an eternal source of inspiration that dampens my intentions.


It was two and a half years ago, in Barcelona, ​​while I was walking through the streets, I met a man sitting alone, his face sad, almost asleep, and his eyes were riveted on his heart.

Without a penny in the goblet, in front of him ... there was, a piece of cardboard on which was written: "Life is Beautiful" ... :)


The smile on my lips, the drums beating with my heart, invites me to be guided by an impulse of kindness. I go to meet him. His name was Alejandro, he had remained in the vast and silent space of the depths of the past, where his heart had been soaked with sorrow for years. He had lost confidence in humanity, although he kept hope of seeing his family again.


Touched by his story, I decided every day to meet him, and for 3 weeks I learned to see him, to listen to him, to know him and to understand him. At first, we communicate mainly nonverbal, thanks to gestures and smiles, which allowed us to understand our intentions.


And sometimes the silence came to rock our souls, turning the sounds of crowds into a murmur of brook. He often asked me to play him a little bit of flute. And I loved to feel the appeasement of the spirit, which welcomed the colorful vibrations of the Breath of life.




Afterwards, we shared meals, a conversations, music, drawings, writings and dreams. He revealed his passion for poetry, so I offered him a notebook and a pen. Little by little, I marveled at seeing his eyes open to the beauty of life, and my heart was happy to see him smile.


Then one day, he told me that he had been able to pick up the necessary to go back to his country, thanks to poetry. We left, with a serene heart. I thank him for this wonderful shared experience.




Flowers of Life

Happiness is nomadic, it follows us everywhere :)

Travel, meeting, sharing and creativity!




<3 Ploup Ploup ! :)

Waar dient de collecte voor



The Seeds


This collection will be donated to Sandy Hui Bon Hoa for

The development of his first album of world music.


The whole project includes: the purchase of the musical instrument, recording, mixing, mastering, pressing, covers, video, T-shirts, and postcards! The rest of the budget will be self-financing, and another part will be funded by the community!


It will start in September 2017!




If the goal is reached ... <3 YAHOU ! :D


The surplus will be used to help me finance the entire project, 

which will cost 6000euros.

And continue in my drive to realize dreams to live out my passions!


The money will be used to finance counterparties, One for KissKissBankBank, another for the financing of the instrument, For recording and for the participation of friends who will play on the project! Thanks to Pablo, Benjamin, Kerwin and Boris!


If not, Ohhhh;) and the funds will be returned to donors :)



!!!!!!!! Thank You !!!!!!!



In our hearts is sleeping seeds of dreams...

They are cultivated with patience and harvested with wisdom,

The fruits of shared happiness :)


<3 Ploup Peong Lots of Love ! :)

Please share it !


Travelling Page : Perm Art Culture



Musical Page : Sandy Mango Music






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