Soutenir les artisans de Kpalimé

Supporting the handicraft of Kpalimé!

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Soutenir les artisans de Kpalimé

The handicraft industry in Kpalimé, Togo, following the Covid-19 crisis, has come to a dead end. The local artisans, no longer able to rely on tourism to sell their creations, end up without financing for their raw materials or the rent of their premises.


The importance of preserving the uniqueness of the city of Kpalimé, an important place for handicraft throughout the world, as well as the work of its artisans, is essential. It is possible, with your help, to preserve not only their jobs but also their knowledge

Waar dient de collecte voor

We have selected ten artisans using different artistic techniques who are in urgent financing needs:


Gilles, calebash artisan

Antoine, plastic artist specialised in batik

Gameli, cabinetmaker and calabash artisan

Messan, calabash artisan

Ayi Kossi, djembé sculptor

Koffa, jewellery artisan

Ibrahim, jewellery and batik artist

Etse, plastic artist specialised in batik

Jean, pearl jewellery artist

Yebois Duyiboe, calabash artisan.

Once all the money is received and collected, part of the supplies will be bought in France and brought directly to Kpalimé. Another part will be managed directly on site by Mélanie, a regular visitor. The distribution for the rental financing will be made according to the urgency of each artisan.

The need for primary materials varies from one artisan to the other.

The price of a rent for a workshop is about 10,000 CFA francs (about 15 euros). Many artisans have to lose their workshops for not being able to pay their rent. You would help them to preserve the minimum necessary to carry out their activity!


Thank you!


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