"STORIES..." Crossover album by Thomas Leleu

Tuba, beyond borders…

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"STORIES..." Crossover album by Thomas Leleu

Hi everyone!

My name is Thomas Leleu, and I am a concert tuba player. I won the French award, the Victoires de la Musique Classique in 2012 and I have been giving concerts and master classes internationally for a few years now. After 10 years at the Marseille Philharmonic Orchestra where I was solo tubist, I now live in Berlin and I am focusing solely on my soloist career via different projects.

My dream is to be able to allow a large audience to discover my instrument, and to break the frontiers between genres.

My new project is a crossover project, which means that it is a mix of genres going from classical music to French songs, tango and bossa nova. It will be an original trio, consisting of the tuba, the piano and the vibraphone. The main themes will be around the voice and songs: classical, Brazilian, Argentine, German and French.

My sponsor Buffet Crampon and the Melton Meinl Weston brand whom I collaborate with as an ambassador, are supporting this recording project. The recording will be carried out by the German label Ars Produktion. 

I am very happy and proud to be working  with Buffet Crampon and Melton Meinl Weston since many years and would like to thank them for their unfailing support.

I will also be personally financing part of this recording which is so important to me!

The production costs being important, I am asking for your support.

Thank you for your help with this project, for your enthusiasm, your warm words of encouragements. Please don't hesitate to share the link to this page!

Warm regards


Title of the album: "Stories..." Number of tracks: 15

Musicians: Thomas Leleu (tuba), Kim Barbier (piano), Kai Strobel (vibraphone) Arrangements: Laurent Elbaz   Studio: Ufo Sound Studio, Berlin, Germany

Waar dient de collecte voor

My sponsor Buffet Crampon and myself are sponsoring part of this project and we will be covering the costs of the equipment rental, the piano tuner, as well as transportation, accommodation, catering and the salaries of the 3 musicians.

The funds collected via this crowdfunding campaign will help us cover (in order of priority): 4 days of recording, the musical arrangements, the setup and mix, the mastering and the production + the communication fees (pictures, videos, design for the media pack), PR (capital to the success of the launch), advertising on social media.

The funds will be paid 100%  directly to the account of my association "Tuba French Touch" and used only for this project in order to make the production of this recording possible.

What if the crowdfunding goes beyond our expectations?

That would be a dream come true! I would be able to increase the visibility of my project (advertising budget, digital marketing) and to work on the scenic aspect of the project.


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Set of 2 discs “In the mood for tuba” signed


Set of 2 discs “In the mood for tuba” signed and sent at home. It could be a gift if you already have it (Xmas is coming!) + an unreleased title by email and thank-you on Thomas Leleu's Facebook page
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