Sweetin : la messagerie photo qui va vous surprendre !

Support us to fund the iOS version of Sweetin : an application to chat and surprise his friends!

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Sweetin : la messagerie photo qui va vous surprendre !

About Team : 






About Sweetin : 


Sweetin is a photo messaging app which is fun and playful. You will allow to chat in a funny way with your friends and to surpise them by sending a photo with a secret message inside. When your friends will receive your pic, they'll open it like a gift by scratching your photo with their finger to discover your little secret message. 


When you chat on Sweetin with your friends, it's not like a classic ephemeral messaging app, its like a real game !



We don't have a video of presentation to introduce the app but we have better !


We have recently launched a first andoid version of Sweetin. The app is now available on the Google Play Store. Go take a look to make your own opinion : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.air.Sweetin ;)


This campaign is made because we plan to launch an iOS version of Sweetin. This is why we need your feedback and your support to go ahead !


Our vision is to build this app  by highlighting users who contributes to this great adventure. Here, a few examples of feedback or support which can inspire you ;) 




> You too, don't hesitate to give us your feedback ;)





Waar dient de collecte voor

Several month we have been working on this application.


After launching the first android version, we were able to gather many opinions and start working on the next version on iOS which would be more successful. 


The iOS version is a very huge step because it will allow us to create a real community  on Sweetin and to growth popularity of our application. Because our main target is to allow anyone to exchange suprise pictures with friends on Sweetin. 


Actually is not possible because  for example, if a user who want to send a sweet ( a picture with a secret message inside ) to a friend who has an iPhone, he can't because the application is only available for android devices. It's a big problem. 


That's why we ask you to support our project to ensure that the iOS version of Sweetin comes soon. 


Your money will help us to develop this iOS version during 3 month. We are a team who design and develop ourselves this app, that's why we need to find everytime some fund to keep go ahead. 


We need you, so feel free to participate to this campaign or share with friends !


Thanks !


The team Sweetin ;)

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