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Allocation of funds

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Thank you !!


  • 4 contributions
Our most sincere appreciation and a post card designed by us on a recycled paper to decorate your home or send to your loved ones.

Estimated delivery: April 2021

Take us with you


  • 6 contributions
A cool tote bag made in recycled cotton, printed and designed by us to transport all your goodies in an eco-responsible way.

Estimated delivery: April 2021

Bring some warm light to your home


  • 13 contributions
Brighten your home with our handmade natural candle with a deliciouse scent made by us and when you finish them you get to enjoy a lovely little ceramic bowl also created by us.

Estimated delivery: April 2021

Get creative


  • 4 contributions
Staying creative in these weird times brings sunshine to our heart. This is why we came up with a perfect home kit for you to create your unique pieces. It comes with: Clay, Necesary tools to sculpt your beautiful pieces A little color to decorate and the firing of your pieces. (THIS REWARD ONLY AVAILABLE FOR BELGIUM)

Estimated delivery: February 2021

Small hands, big imagination


  • 2 contributions
Introduce children, from an early age, to manual activities and the sense of touch, with clay as a tool! It is also a way of discovering the power of using simple everyday objects to invent, create, have fun ... together. Let your kids creativity fly:Two spots for kids (6-14 years) to bring to life their imagination. One afternoon of getting their little hands muddy at our atelier accompanied of a little snack. (for friends, for siblings, for neighbhors, or to invite anyone you want)

Estimated delivery: March 2021

Just Pause!


Because Pauses are essential, take time to stop for a moment at home with our cozy Pause at home kit. Includes: A deliciuose natural herbal tea a hand made natural candle a ceramic incense holder and little yoga-meditation video to help you ground, all made by us specially for you!

Breakfast Bowls


  • 8 contributions
Make your breakfast beautiful with two unique handmade bowl designed and made by us for you!

Estimated delivery: April 2021

Wine and Clay


  • 5 contributions
Two spots for a wine and clay night at Terracotta! Included: An introductory ceramic course, clay and firing of your pieces Tapas and a glass of natural wine.

Estimated delivery: April 2021

Get your hands muddy


  • 3 contributions
A taste of ceramics in a warm, friendly uplifting environment: Come and discover ceramics at our atelier with our discovery pass, which includes 1 special class and 6 hrs of free atelier time during opening hours.

Estimated delivery: February 2021

One day retreat in the city


    Enjoy a different kind of weekend in the city of Brussels: 1 day of Semi-retreat that includes: welcome herbal organic tea a long Yoga class, a yummy veggie brunch, a ceramic workshop and a closing meditation.

    Estimated delivery: April 2021

    Celebrate getting muddy!


    • 6 contributions
    Celebrate in a creative way: We will organize a private event for you and 5 friends. Perfect for birthdays, team building, or to get together with family and friends It includes: An introductory ceramic course Clay Firing of your pieces Yummy snacks and drinks (wine, tea or juice)

    Estimated delivery: April 2021

    Just for YOU!


    • 1 contribution
    Special gift for your generosity: A Post Card designed by us on recycled paper A Cool tote bag made in recycled cotton A handmade natural candle in a beautiful ceramic little bowl A delicious natural herbal tea, A ceramic incense holder Two handmade bowls to embellish your breakfast (all this designed and created by us) Plus... Two spots for an apero in the beautiful space of Terracotta and… A PERSONALIZED ceramic piece for you (we design it together and Terracotta brings it to life). (We are open for changes if one of the options doesnt work for you)

    Estimated delivery: April 2021

    Make ceramic available to others


    • 2 contributions
    We believe that art is important and is not always accessible to all. With your support we would want to make it possible for people who can't otherwise afford the opportunity. A donation at this level will create a “scholarship” in your name to invite two student for a 6 week ceramic course plus 80 hrs of free access to the atelier during opening hours. Plus, we'll put your name on our door so you'll be a part of Terracotta, and of course you will receive: a beautiful unique post card, organic cotton tote bag, a natural scented candle, incense holder a deliciouse natural herbal tea two handmade breakfast bowls Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our heart!

    Estimated delivery: April 2021

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