Help to finance an eco-responsible and humanitarian maritime adventure ! Participate to the ocean protection and help the kids from Niodor !

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TerraeMare project is a sail tour around the Atlantic. More than just a sport challenge, it's a wish of sharing a dream with child from different cultures and raise awareness about environmental protection,


The route - a tour of the North Atlantic ocean is : 13 000 Nautical Miles, 100 days of navigation, 11 months living on a 30-foot boat. 






Energy consumption management :

(Goal : reduce the use of engine only for going in and out of harbor)

          - Use of renewable energies (solar panel + hydrogenerator) for daily consumption,

          - Reduction of the boat's energy consumption thanks to the use of LED lighting.


Discards management :

(Goal : no pollution on the marine biodiversity)

          - Ecological antifouling coating (normal coating are very toxic for marine life),

          - Use of biodegradable cleaning products.


Climate evolution monitoring :

(Goal : participate to the scientific research on global warming)

         - Deployment of a TS-DIP floating system, as part of ARGO program.





Sharing and humanitarian aids :


In partnership with the association Voiles Sans Frontières (Sail without borders), this maritime adventure will serve as educational material for 2 schools (Corsept - France) and Niodor - Sine Saloum Senegal) :


          - Cultural exchanges between the 2 schools through educational booklets that travel onboard,

          - Raising environmental awareness through workshops conducted directly in schools,

          - Raising funds in order to buy schools materials and equipments for Niodor schools (Senegal).


Niodor village, located in the Saloum Delta (Senegal), is accessible only via the sea. Isolated from international help, Niodor schools need help to improve kids education conditions.



                                      Niodor 1 school



                                          Niodor 2 school


Project manager : Arnaud Blangy, 29 year old, Navigator in marine geophysics

<< Because a trip without any more purpose than sport challenge was not of my interest, I decided to share this maritime adventure with kids in order to raise awareness on protecting the ocean and solidarity. >>





Some friends will come with me to sail, among them : Mathieu Caillaud, Bertrand Joly, Loic Grimbot, Florent and Jean-Pierre Blangy.


The boat : Roi Baco is a Beneteau first 31.7 from 2005.




Visit the website : www.projet-terraemare.com

Waar dient de collecte voor

The progress and success of this adventure require financial contribution for the environmental part:


2000 Euros : Renewable energies (Hydrogenerator). Departure assured !


> 2000 Euros : Ecological antifouling coat. Departure Eco-friendly !


> 3000 Euros : All funds will be reversed for the kids of Niodor schools. Humanitarian departure !

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