The Angry Cats - Nouveau CD + Clip

The Angry Cats, a Rock'n'Roll Trio, release their new 5 tracks CD, "Rock'n'Riot in Town", and a video clip, "Fly Away From The Nightmare".

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The Angry Cats - Nouveau CD + Clip

Hi Folks!


We are The Angry Cats, a trio gathered around a story written in real time,

gig after gig, song after song, video clip after video clip.


If you're reading this, it is because we have something in common.

The roots of The Angry Cats' music find themselves in Detroit, 

London and Berlin. And Paris too.


Our sound is the sound of Rock'n'Roll, the sound of angry cities.

The sound of the free human being in front of uniformity.

That's why The Angry Cats are both

Punk & Rockabilly,

Stoner & Country.

And Blues of course.


It is the sound of barricades, of nightclubs in the old and new world.

Where music have the smell of sweat, pleasure and fury.


We are on KissKissBankBank in order to invite you to 

produce a new chapter of this uncompromising adventure 

with us.


"Rock'n'Riot In Town" is a 5 tracks EP recorded and mixed by 

Tristan Mazire at Studio Garage, in Paris.

Mastering was done by Drew Cappotto, in New York.


Artwork and graphic design of the cover are signed from 

Eric Perez, graphic artist, et Jean-Fabien, photographer.


In order to accompany its physical and digital release, we

produce "Fly Away From The Nightmare", first excerpt of  

the EP, as a dark, rough and meaningful video clip.

Close to the Jarmush and Cronenberg styles.


If you're reading these lines, you already know that we are 

on a crowd funding platform.

And that we are here in order to cover the expenses of the 

making of these various projects, these new bricks which 

build up The Angry Cats' identity and meaning of life.


Some call the crowd funding platforms "Love Money". 

Probably because these calls for funds go much 

further than the promised counterparts.


Because this is a way for each project carrier to guarantee the 

honesty of his artistic approach, to stay free to be able to offer 

and share more than a product ou a simple consumption object.


The economy of a rock band is always tense, always on the 

razor's edge.

By offering us some freedom, it is also some of yours that 

you preserve.


We propose you to join us and help us to produce this CD and 

this video clip.

Watch the teaser here :




You can already listen to it "Fly Away From The Nightmare" and the

4 other tracks of this new EP, here :





If you don't already know our previous video clips, watch them here:


Train Kept A-Rollin' (2013)



Fan The Flames of Discontent (2012)



Other links :


The Angry Cats on Facebook

The Angry Cats on Twitter

The Angry Cats on You Tube

The Angry Cats on Bandcamp

Eric Pérez, Graphic Design

Jean Fabien, Photographer

Croissant Productions

Le Studio Garage

Drew Cappotto, Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Kat Spirit Promotion


Waar dient de collecte voor

We have already produced ourselves the recording, mixing 

and the mastering of our new EP.

We open this subscription in order to pay the printing of 

the CD and the shooting of the first video clip.


It includes:

For the CD:

- Artwork

- Printing of the 1000 first copies

- Promotion


For the Shooting:

- Defrayal of the film director

- Defrayal of the cameraman

- Defrayal of the electrician

- Renting of a professional camera

- Renting of tripodals / slide / mini steadycam

- Renting of Lights

- Transports


For the Post Production:

- Defrayal of the editor  

- Renting of an editing studio



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