The Cottage - Irish Pub with a difference ! Brest

"THE COTTAGE" - An Irish pub with a difference - Irish staff - Irish recipes - Music - Tea-time - English library - Apéritifs - and a smile!

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The Cottage - Irish Pub with a difference ! Brest

After having slept for 15 years during an interesting, but lacklustre teaching career, “Sleeping Beauty” has finally awoken to present you with “THE” project of the year !


A return-trip to a job and environment that I have missed and am passionate about!


A little background :


2 wonderful children, more than 11 years in the pub business, 15 years of teaching, and the on-going dream of opening my own pub  “THE COTTAGE” . A “Superduper” Irish Pub with a difference here in Brest! But not just anywhere!


 Geographic location:   The situation, clique here!


« THE COTTAGE » is ideally situated between Brest harbour, the Castle and the town centre, with an amazing view of the Vauban Castle and the sea.






 The Project :


A warm, cosy athmosphere with a team of « coolywoolyfontooly » Irish bartenders, who will be there everyday to welcome our clients both in English and in French.


-     At Midday, come and taste our delicious traditional Irish dishes





Irish Stew, brown bread and Guinness



-     From 3pm-6pm, Afternoon tea will be available with wonderful, homemade cakes, and you can relax while reading an English newspaper or read a book from our English library!



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-     Evening time rhymes with aperitifs, cocktails, eclectic (and not electric!) concerts and, of course, live Irish music sessions, Diddly-idle, and the craic !!!!



Cocktails-1485799734     Traditional_irish_music_session_picture-1485799714

Smoked_salmon_and_brown_bread-1485799933Ap_ritif-1485800236   Whiskey-1485800172    




coolywoolyfontooly : on the menu !


 I have a myriad of ideas, but I am not going to give it all away now!!!!!














Waar dient de collecte voor

To avoid robbing a bank, I need your help!!!!!!!!!  




So, this is it!


You understand now that I need your help to re-furbish the bar and transform it into a fabulous, cosy, warm, cottage where I can welcome you all.


Your donations will complement the bank loan, which is not enough for all the interior design, furniture, materials, decoration necessary  in refurbishing my pub.


Oh yes, starting my own business costs a lot, especially for the creation, installation and equipment for the professional kitchen (but this is included in my bank loan).


But, other work needs to be done – the ladies and gents need to be renovated : (see the bill below in french!)


Travaux Cuisine et Toilettes


·         Implantation, pose d'ossature, pose d'isolation, pose de

plaque de placo, collage des bandes pour le cuisine et bar 755€


·         Implantation, pose d'ossature, pose d'isolation, pose de

plaque de placo  collage des bandes

papier pour cloisons de séparation dans

toilettes 1 925,00€

·         Pose d'une porte à galendage 108,00€

·         Pose d'une bloc porte 93 accès handicapé 80.00€

·         Pose d'une trappe de visite 50,00€

TOTAL : 2918€

The bar floor has to be re-floored :


·         Préparation of the surface and putting down of wooden parquet 1 690,00€


Your donations will firstly help to finance some of the above.


But, though we plan on recycling a lot of the furniture already in the bar to minimize the cost, we still need chairs, lights, curtains, a wooden bar, tables and chairs outside.

coût : 4700


And I need kitchen utensils, saucepans, frying pans etc…..     coût : 627


And delph, knives and forks and spoons, glasses, table cloths etc,  to welcome you  « in style ! »


Plates : coût 590

Knives/Forks/Spoons: coût 520

Glasseses : coût 364

Tablecloths : coût 60 (5X12euros)  

Mugs : coût : 100

Teatowels : coût : 60


TOTAL :2321



Your contributions will help finance some of the interior design

Ethanol Fireplace coût : 1550  and mantlepiece:  coût : 50


Finally, I believe it is important to have good communication strategies, to share upcoming events such as concerts, expositions, sessions etc, and if your contributions go over my objective, that extra money will go to financing a professional website for The Cottage


And last but not least, the exterior needs painting and a sign needs to be made, your contributions, again, if they go over my objective, will go towards this.


A huge thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart !





Your donations will change my life, and life in Brest for the locals!!!!!!


I cannot thank you enough for your generosity, so please leave me your email address so that I can send you all an invitation to the opening night of my superduper pub !!!!!!!!




NOTE : If you wish, you can give several donations, it is up to you!











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