The Odd Couple

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The Odd Couple

Like most adventures, that of "the odd couple" started with an encounter.

Actually, a very unlikely encounter as the protagonists had four different nationalities and lived in three different countries (France, Canada and Belgium).

However, their paths did cross during a master class organised by Frank Totino, and soon enough their wish to work together took over all the (somewhat justified) reasons why this project might be slightly complicated.

Frank's choice of playing "The odd couple" was met with unanimous approval, not only because Neil Simon was an extremely talented dialogue writer with great wit and repartee that hits the spot with each retort but also because the humour and rhythm of this play inspired most of the modern American TV series.Img_0003-1445375269



So what happens when a cleaning freak, a depressive whose wife just left him and a freshly divorced poker fan who only thinks about having a good time find themselves in the same apartment? 


A comedy by Neil Simon. Directed by Frank Totino (Canada), The odd couple boasts an European cast, one Englishman (Keith Farquhar), two Dutch speaking Belgians (Jan Debski and Evelien Den Tandt) and six French actors (Yannick Farquhar, Maxime Plaisantin, Emanuel Courtieu, Victor Gelis, Seth Young Ruiz, Romain Bressy).



Théâtre acte 2

32 bis Quai Arloing

69009 Lyon

(Métro Valmy)

20th and 21st November 2015

1st part: "Sexualité perversity and other short plays" by Mike Folie at 8.00PM

"The odd couple": 9.00pm


16€ :  Full price

14€:  Concessions (job seekers, groups of 10 people or more, senior)

13€:  RSA, students, under 26, actors

The play will be performed in English.


If you are, have been or are going to be in a couple, the odd couple is the right play for you!


The Team:




Frank Totino  –  Director

Franck Totino worked in theatre most of his life as an actor, improvisator, director, professor and musician. He played in fiction feature length movies for the cinema and television.

He also produced, directed and edited his own films and videos. He teaches in many universites and drama schools in Europe, North America and Latin America.



Keith Farquhar  –  OSCAR

Keith travaille en France en tant qu'acteur et musicien depuis bientôt 30 ans.

Il a étudié le théâtre à RADA et la technique Meisner à "Eckerd college" aux Etats Unis.

Il enseigne la technique Meisner depuis 10 ans à travers l'Europe et a récemment dirigé "10 little fingers" à Leeds. Son rôle le plus récent au théâtre est  celui de Claudio dans les caprices de Marianne et et quant à la télévision, il apparait dans la série de canal plus, "Versailles"



Jan Debski  –  FELIX

Jan trained in Paris, at the cours Simon and the Impulse company in London with Scott Williams.

He now lives in Brussels where he performs in French, English and Dutch.


Yannick_farquhar3-1445351825Yannick Farquhar  –  CECILY 

Yannick started her artistic carreer as a bass player. After scouring the scenes of Europe for over 10 years she decided to be her own instrument by becoming an acress.

Among other things she studied the Meisner method and has since acted in many short films.

She performs in French and English.






Evelien Den Tandt  –  GWENDOLYN

Evelien is a Belgian improviser. She studied with Loose Moose in Calgary and set up her own theatre company, "swiep". She follows "Moment to moment" courses in Brussels. Evelien’s first major part was that of a sheep in a Nativity play when she was 6.





Seth Young Ruiz  – SPEED

Comedian, writer and director. Author of short stories, novels and songs. He followed a two years drama course and learnt directing on his own in order to lead his own projects.

As writer and director, Seth likes to create richly themed films with a strong structure while offering his actors and himself powerful and subtle roles. He is currently finishing two short films, preparing another and writing two feature length films. 






Victor Gélis  –  ROY

For the last two years Victor has been taking courses in Théâtre de l'Iris and with M2M (moment to moment acting). He made his stage debut in 2015 with the show Orlando in the ENS and God has a weak spot for you at the Iris. He also practices improvisation as well as catch impro in the Improvidence and played in a few short films.





Emanuel Courtieu  –  MURRAY

A keen theatre lover and amateur actor for many years, Emmanuel Courtieu experimented several different approaches of the scene. He initially learned classic and gestural drama with Eric Zobel, improvisation dance with Julyen Hamilton and choral singing with Vincent Thomas. A regular actor with Compagnie 343, he recently took courses in the Meisner technique with Keith Farqhuar.





Maxime Plaisantin  –  VINNIE

Maxime studied two acting techniques; "method" and "Meisner". He played in many short movies and also co-wrote the latest one (Samsara) he plays in.

As for the theatre, his main experiences revolve around Molière. He also played the part of Charles, the main role in Koltes' West Quay.






Romain Bressy attended the professional drama school Arts en scene in Lyons. He has since then taken part in many projects both in theatre and cinema in comedy and drama. In 2014 he played King Lear on the TNP scene under the direction of Christian Schiaretti, and also performed in Mozart's Idoménée in Lyon's opera house. He also teaches drama at Menteur en scène.




But, now, you will tell me, what are you collecting money for?


Waar dient de collecte voor


What will the donations be used for?

This ambitious international project, Lyon (théâtre acte 2, November 20-21 2015) is only the start of the adventure. We will also perform the play in Amsterdam (March 14-15-16 2016 at the Polantheatre) and in Antwerp (March 24-25-26 2016 at the Fakkeltheatre).

Other dates will be confirmed very soon, (fingers crossed) for Brussels, Berlin and Copenghagen in 2016.

With your contribution, you will help support a company who doesn't benefit from any public or sponsor-based subventions.

Hence the self-production of the Lyons shows and the tour for the odd couple, which means that the risk taking only rests on our frail shoulders.


We made a deliberate choice to have 9 actors in our team (Keith Farquhar, Jan Debski, Evelien Den Tandt, Yannick Farquhar, Maxime Plaisantin, Emanuel Courtieu, Victor Gelis, Seth Young Ruiz, Romain Bressy), one director (Franck Totino), one stage manager (Gilles Lavaron), one technician and decorator (Lucas Bauwens) to offer you a beautiful show!


Technically, this is why we're asking for your help:

Rental for the Acte 2Theatre  1200€ 

Rental for the rehearsal rooms for 19 days: 750€ (and we are lucky enough to get friendly rates)

Compensation for the Director: 1250€

Costs of the director's accommodation: 450€

Return tickets Paris-Lyon: 100€

Performance right: 250€

Decorations/props/costumes: 500€


Hence a total cost of: 4500€




By supporting us you are also supporting the company Moment to Moment, and more generally live shows and the spirit of creation.



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