Triskell - Bretagne Sauvage

A wildlife documentary built as a journey through Brittany and its immensely rich natural heritage.

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Triskell - Bretagne Sauvage


"Triskell - Wild Brittany" Is more than just a wildlife documentary. This is also a project for all lovers of Brittany and nature in general. 


In Celtic mythology, the Triskell symbolizes water, air and earth, but also birth, life and death. Flying with the seagulls, swimming with the salmons and following the hedgehog in his quest for winter shelter, this movie takes you through the rich natural heritage of Brittany.




This documentary is a patrimonial movie, in which every Britanny lover can find what he or she loves about this place. Here like anywhere else, it is becoming essential to know the world that surrounds us. This movie is here to help us discover and understand Brittany's nature in order to make it our common treasure. 








This movie was created by four young directors from different parts of Brittany. 



Romain, Matthieu, Lucas and Basile (from left to right)


- Matthieu Le MAU 27 ans, côte d'armor 

- Romain GUENARD, 26 ans, Finistère 

- Basile GERBAUD, 25 ans, Ille et vilaine 

- Lucas ALLAIN, 28 ans, Morbihan 

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Despite the help of many partners, the economy of this project is still fragile, for a wildlife documentary shooting is very long and expensive. 

For about six months, we have been shooting wildlife around Brittany, and we now have a beautiful stock of shots and stories. But without your help, it will be impossible for us to show just how much this region is amazing. 


With this crowdfunding, we hope to get a new angle to film spectacular shots. The money will help us for aerial shots (drone, helicopter...) and underwater images. 






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