Venezuela en Décalage: an artist in the exile

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Venezuela en Décalage: an artist in the exile

Thanks to your support I will be able to make " Venezuela en Décalage" in March 2019.  An art exhibition that will be held in the city of Lyon.

The exhibition of 24 watches is a reflection  about the distance experienced by almost 10 million of Venezuelans that had left their country because of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

I am Dalia Ferreira, a Venezuelan plastic artist based in France. The subject of my artwork has always been represented iconographically by the urban discourse of Caracas and Venezuela in general. For more than a decade, I have addressed the thematic about the human condition and its relations with urban mutations, specially for the Venezuelan people. Also about the transformation of our emotional urban landscapes, the fierce Venezuelan migratory phenomenon and the accelerated degradation of human rights in my country.

Venezuela is a nation that grew socially and architecturally during our democratic era, the same that today dismisses us in an unprecedented exodus in the contemporary history of the region. Each work of my authorship is a fusion of elements that make my pieces a window to that Caracas that we left with the hope of returning.
The Phototherapy: the human side of my artwork

The phototherapy is one of my most public and intimate creations at the same time. During the practice of a liberating exercise, full of strength and detachment by those who participate voluntarily, I have the opportunity to capture unusual stages of paroxysm, pictures of exalted emotionality and body expression that I can then incorporate into my pieces. I am interested in people like me, ordinary people, without experience in photo pose or theater.

This video illustrates the phototherapy. It was created as a teaser to promote an artistic action in Lyon called Exodo in January 2017. 

The presence of these oniric or tormented characters is an alphabet that intimately interpellates the viewer. It also interrogates the process from the moment in which phototherapy occurs, until the moment in which the volunteers are immortalized as a reinterpretation of society.

What is time and distance for the venezuelan people?

Today Venezuela is experiencing a humanitarian situation unprecedented in the Americas, only overcome in its exodus to Syria. That's why I'm working on the "Venezuela en Décalage" project. This new artistic research seeks to show the critical relationship of the Venezuelans of the exodus, with time and distance always at different moments from those of our beloved ones, irrigated today by the entire planet. For us, now Venezuela is located in almost 10 million places. Where each venezuelan migrant decides to settle and establish a new life, she/he creates a little land that reminds Venezuela.

This series of testimonies will become a video-art piece in the exposition "Venezuela en Décalage"

"El Miedo" (The Fear), Caracas, Venezuela 2014

 Fear is certainly a natural human feeling and behavior, but it is particularly present in the Venezuelans of the Exodus, those who walk the world looking for a future, and those who walk through Venezuela with the sensation of being foreigners.

I always had the need to reinterpret the city where I grew up: Caracas, an aggressive, intense and extreme city. Living in this magnificent metropolis submerges you to the limit of your emotions every day. One of the most recurrent semiology in my work has been to become the city, to protect it, to classify and examine it. A city that a few years ago began to blur due to the crisis and the nascent anarchic system in our Venezuela.

Engage today the "Venezuela en Décalage" art project

After 5 years in the exile, today I keep reflecting on time and distance in a collection of photographic watches that evoke that Caracas, distant today, that we left looking for new life time opportunities. So that's why I want to invite you, with all my respect, to participate in this crowdfunding. Your contribution will help directly in the production of this art project.

Help venezuelan art !

I have beeb invited to show this collection in March 2019 simultaneously in two cultural spaces in the french cities of Lyon and Valence. A series of 24 artworks in different medias and supports. I want to invite you to believe in this project and donate to this crowdfunding, so we can make it happen.  

Take a look at my work in progress for "Venezuela en Décalage" down here:


And some other stuff about my style and where's my artistic work in the world:


It's just good to feel supported to be able to pass through this message 

Waar dient de collecte voor

What, How, Where, When and How Much?

What exactly is "Venezuela en Décalage" and how will it be exhibited?

The exhibition "Venezuela en Décalage" is an art exhibition  made under the technique of digital photography intervened, which will be produced on various exhibition stands, and which will take place in 2 different cities at the same time during March 2019 in France : in the city of Lyon (Exhibition Hall on the Mairie du 7ème) 

How will the funds be used?

Print production of the artworks: € 800

Transportation, restoration, artistic montage materials: € 200.

The minimum for the project to exist is the sum of: € 1000

The surplus will be used to:

Pay the generous volunteers for this project !! Thanks to them!
Offer drinks and catering for their services.

Dear collaborator:
Your appreciated contribution will also allow us to produce an additional work of art to donate it to the Venezuelan VAEL Association (Active Venezuelans in Lyon) so that they can make a future auction in order to support cultural promotion activities to preserve the Venezuelan legacy.


Let me walk you trough the support path:

Your financial aid is very appreciated and welcome !

Dalia Ferreira will perceive the integrality of this crowdfunding

"I love listening to a chorus. I like the teamwork. It makes me feel optimistic about the human race when I see them cooperate like that. "Sir Paul McCartney



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