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About Us


Launched on June 30th, 2014, Visit Africa is an interactive and collaborative digital platform dedicated to tourism and culture in Africa. The platform enables travelers to publish their travel journals, citizens talk about their lives and introduce the public to their village, city or country. In short, everyone is invited to share their getaway tips! Visit Africa covers the continent from East to West and from North to South, thanks to the narratives of all those who are passionate about Africa.





Purpose of Visit Africa


Today, Africa is mainly represented by non-Africans via various forms of media. They usually talk about a sordid continent where only famine, wars, poverty and other scourges happen. After numerous trips to different countries across Africa, one realizes that the continent has multiple sides: beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, warm and mostly welcoming people, a myriad of opportunities and important challenges.


It thus became obvious to create Visit Africa in order to depict a more objective view of the continent, by rethinking its image far from the usual stereotypes and without denying its problems. Visit Africa is all about putting forth Africa’s assets and opportunities. 





Concept of Visit Africa


Visit Africa publishes stories of a community of travelers who have visited the continent and who share their trips, their favorite places/things and their encounters. Moreover, residents in various countries make us discover their daily lives through the column “Tell us about …”



Founders of Visit Africa


Diane Audrey Ngako, social media editor for Le Monde Afrique. I'm passionate about travels and photography.


Syra Sylla, sports journalist, specialized in basketball. Total junkie when it comes to basketball and travels. In love with our beautiful Africa.


Edith Tialeu Kadji, project manager in fashion. I am passionate about travel, fashion and Africa . I take pleasure to discover new cultures and meet new people.  


Jessica Sago, designer product. I attach myself to the study of lifestyles, practices and skills of African cultures.


Alphée Adimi, afro-optimist and I 'am deeply passionate about tourism, dresses, events planning and webmarketing. I would like to help improve the way World perceive Africa.


Boris Tefo aka Neo, idealist, panafricanist and failed philosopher, also financial analyst and entreprener. I’m interested directly or indirectly in everything related to Africa. I’m blogging on




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Waar dient de collecte voor

Visit Africa will soon turn one year old. The time has come for funders to reach a milestone by creating various


- Develop a bilingual (French/English) platform, in order to have an international standing (9800 euros)


Create a network on ambassadors based on the continent. The ambassadors’ role will be to travel across villages and cities in Africa on the lookout for atypical places in order to share their findings with the community. They will receive cameras and/or smartphones from Visit Africa (3000 euros)


Design an online magazine (in French and English) dedicated to travels and culture in Africa (900 euros)


Produce a web TV where interviews and photoreports will be broadcasted (1300 euros)


Organize cultural events in France and across Africa.  

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Geschatte levering: september 2015

OPERATION ONE SHOT ! Amoureux de la BD, vous allez pouvoir trouver votre compte. La bédéiste Joelle Ebongue, aka ELyon's, vous propose de repartir avec un exemplaire dédicacé du premier tome de "La vie d'Ebene Duta". Et ce n'est pas tout puisque l'écrivaine Hemley Boum s'associe à nous et vous recevrez un exemplaire dédicacé de son livre "Les Maquisards" Le tout avec un énorme merci de toute l'équipe.
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