We want you for android!

Sush.io wants to launch an Android version of its App. Participate and you'll be invited to join the Sush.io Launch Party! (May 14th 2013)

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We want you for android!


1. Why are we doing this?


Entrepreneurs change the World, from Steve Jobs to Daniel Ek (Spotify). But who is helping them create amazing products instead of dealing with paperwork, bookkeeping and finances.

Accountants, Banks? We still use the same old stuff : BI is Excel, Emails, and Folders with PDF Documents.


Because we have :


- No Time for Excel

- No Money for a CFO

- And Accounting = ?#@%$*?


We created Sush.io, the tailored SAP+BO Experience for you, Today's Entrepreneurs.


Because your Future is Bright when Data is cooked in real-time!





2. What is Sush.io?


Sush.io is a Mac OS X app with iPhone & iPad apps coming soon.


"Raw Data made Fresh”


We are turning uncooked fish into sushi, i.e: all that financial data that you generate from day one, turned into something you can use to run your company better.


With 3 Key features :  



1/ All your SaaS Data in a single app (Data from AWS, Github, Paypal, Recurly, Bank accounts)


2/ IFTTT for B2B Services


3/ Real-time BI Dashboard


Official launch will be May 14th. But you can already signup for the beta here : http://sush.io 


Participate now and you'll receive invitations to our 2013 Launch Party in Paris, France! At this Party, we will launch our Product but also welcome our crowdfunded employee who will do its first coding session during the Party. Fun or what?





3. Who's behind Sush.io ?


We are a team of 5 people :


Thomas, co-founder, in charge of Marketing, Business.

Fabien, co-founder & CTO, in charge of everything tech.

Benoit, our API Evangelist.

Antoine, Expert in UX/UI Design, Ruby & Cocoa.

Paul, Expert in everything iOS or OSX related.


And also? Our futur android star. Your call!




4. Our little Crowdfunding adventure in video : every 3 Days, a new thank you video !


Video #1 : We want you, little android star!




NEW VIDEO! Episode 1 - Your Name in the App




Many other cool stuff coming... ;)



Waar dient de collecte voor



1. For us :


We believe Crowdfunding can be a great way to hire a Freelance Android Dev to join our little team. We believe investors can make a difference. But we also believe people can chosse to help and finance innovative ideas with fun & different crowdfunding campaigns. Our Freelancer will help us launch Sush.io on android, in the same timeframe as the upcoming iOS Apps.





2. For you :


Many cool stuff : taking part in an innovative & creative adventure. Drinking and Partying at our Sush.io Launch Party in Paris, France. And, of course, some really cool stuff : T-shirts, Mugs, Discounted Subscriptions, Posters and more...















3. But also a funny way to say :


Startups have not a lot of Money but Smart ideas. People can make the difference and choose innovative projects that can change other people's lives.


Let's do it, the Funny way! Thanks again for making this happen! 


- The Sush.io team.


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