Zlabya fête ses 10 ans - Enregistrement de l'album Live

Zlabya celebrates 10 years ! Live Recording

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Zlabya fête ses 10 ans - Enregistrement de l'album Live

After a few adress and team changes, Zlabya just lost her last wisdom teeth, and celebrate 10 years of music across Europe. Already ? Yes (proofs in the beardless video) but let's not get too nostalgic here, we want to speak party: Time has come to celebrate with you, to take possession of the dancefloor, to tell secrets to each other, to get tattooed collectively, to remix the future, in brief to share our joy. 


Born on a cross-border area, Zlabya returns to the fold, at the very place where she played her first times: Belgium! and more precisely at the Music-club TEY, well-known establishment of the Belgian folk scene. As in any family celebration, we can’t avoid the photo shooting. We want to keep track of this episode and this is why, with the precious help of Sir Olivier Darques, everything will be recorded and will be the third album of Zlabya, LIVE


You will firstly find some new tunes, from the dark great north to the antipodes, and secondly some Zlabya classics revisited in Quintet, with Pierre Droual on the fiddle. To mark the occasion, the album will be released in compact Disk as well as a vinyl limited edition. On top of that, we just made a brand new video clip, shot by Samuel Button, which will be released in march with glitter. 


So darlings, jump in the boat and help us to make it happen for real ! 






The album will be released in April, delivery should arrive in June !

Waar dient de collecte voor

The production of this third recording will be supported by Collectif Thalweg (Association Thalweg). The investment is about 5000€. This crowd funding will allow us to pay a part of the album production fees  :


- production of a video-clip : 800€

- graphic design : 650€

- making of 1000 Digifile albums : 850€

- % Kisskissbankbank : 200€


If we get over the target, the money will be used to cover the others fees :


- recording of 2 concerts : 1300€

- mix : 1800€

- travel cost, rehearsal fees, payment of the guest musiciens : 1500€



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