Dharma Imagery Project

If you feel my work is beneficial, please consider sponsoring me so I can continue to share my photographs and videos with the world!

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tokpakorlo2624 jours

Hey cesar, Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it. And thank you for your donation in support of my project, it is most kind and generous. I remember you from Shar Minub, and I hope that our paths cross again, maybe if you're coming to Monlam I will send you there? Please do send me your email so we can stay in contact.

Thanks again,


cseas2624 jours

Hi Tokpa! My name is cesar, we met in Nepal during Rinpoche's ceremony. So happy to learn of this project and that you have reached your goal. And I am most grateful for the opportunity to support your meritorious work. I rejoice in your life practice! I will email you soon so you will have my contact. Cheers! cesar

Uskok2630 jours

Your photos and films really touched me. So please continue!

tokpakorlo2636 jours

Yixitan- Thank you so much for your generous support and encouragement, its thanks to comments like yours that I feel like I can continue doing what I do. I hope the next time time we are in the same place that you do come and say hi, I would love to meet you! I also hope that you find the time to continue your photo taking passion, its something that gives me great joy and I hope the same for you. -Tokpa

yixitan2636 jours

Hi Tokpa! I saw you during the karmapa visit to Singapore, but i didn't come up to say hi! Anyway i really like your work and do keep it up! Inspired by the choice and direction you have taken and i think it's really a brave and honourable thing you have done. I am an avid photographer myself but to family and work commitments i have not taken much photos in the recent years. At the same time, really appreciate that you can use your work to present and spread the kagyud lineage. Do keep up what you are doing! :)