Support the release of an incredible full length documentary film about the Italo Disco cult and an amazing double vinyl compilation!


Présentation détaillée du projet

The ultimate Italo Disco documentary movie. Directed by Pietro Anton, produced by Private Records. Exclusive crowdfunding project starting now!


A journey into the past and the future of Italo Disco music through the stories of the original 80's heroes and cult DJs and the voice of the new generation of artists, radio broadcasters and fans ready to carry on the Italo Disco Legacy.



The full length documentary, currently in post production, is planned to get released in December. A 30 minutes preview will be screened in Milan at the Reverso Music Festival on October 21.


Support this campaign and become active part of the production process of the film! 

Featuring awesome Italo Disco clips, rare 1980's club footage and exclusive interviews with:


Flemming Dalum - Denmark

Steen Gjerulff (Body Electric) - Denmark

Fred Ventura - Italy

Alexander Robotnick - Italy

Franco Rago (Atelier Folie, Expansives, Lectric Workers) - Italy

Gianluigi Farina (Wanexa, Decadance, Lectric Workers) - Italy

I-F (Intergalactic FM) - Holland

DJ Hell (International DJ Gigolos) - Germany

Daniele Baldelli - Italy

Otto Kraanen (Bordello a Parigi) - Holland

Scotch - Italy

Albert One - Italy

P. Lion - Italy

Ken Laszlo - Italy

Brian Ice - Italy

Marcello Catalano (Klapto, Ken Scott) - Italy

Tero Männikkö (DJ) - Finland

Kristiina Männikkö (DJ) - Finland

Gwen De Bats (Radio Stad Den Haag) - Holland

Roberto Turatti (Producer) - Italy

Fancy - Germany

Linda Jo Rizzo (The Flirts) - USA

Martin Blix (Italove) - Sweden

Stefano Brignoli - Italy

Brand Image - Italy

Anfrando Maiola (Koto) - Italy

Roberto Bisca (Koto) - Italy

Marcello D'Azzurro (I Venti D'Azzurro) - Holland

Simona Zanini - Italy

Aldo Martinelli - Italy

Sandro Codazzi - Italy

Beppe Loda - Italy

Surf Dancer - Finland

The Hacker - France

Bernard Fevre (Black Devil Disco Club) - France

Intergalactic Gary - Holland

DJ Overdose - Holland

Alden Tyrell - Holland

David Vunk - Holland

Marco Moschino - Holland

Francisco - Italy

Lorenzo Cibrario (Red Gallery, London) - Italy



The 2xLP soundtrack with gatefold cover features tracks by Fred Ventura, Expansives, Miss Plug Inn, Simona Sierra, The Hacker, Marc Almond, Alba, Wanexa, Flemming Dalum, Body Electric,... and even an unreleased 1980's gem by Alexander Robotnick!!!


You can already stream the complete 2xLP soundtrack with 14 tracks on Bandcamp:

More details on Discogs:


Secure your limited collector set now. Incl. DVD + 2xLP soundtrack + HQ free download (mp3, wav, flac,...) + poster.



Cosmic gatefold cover (outside):





Cosmic gatefold cover (inside):






No more words. We're "waiting for your passion" :)


À quoi servira la collecte ?

This is an unmissable chance to actively support the production of an incredible full length documentary about the music we love: Italo Disco! This fundraising campaign will help us cover the post production, manufacturing and licensing costs, allowing this fantastic project to see the light of the day after four years spent shooting exclusive interviews with more than 40 legendary musicians, djs and producers from the 80's until today. An unforgettable visual journey featuring the stories of the original Italo heroes, rare and exclusive footage, and tales of burning devotion of generations of new artists and Italo fetishists, keeping the legacy alive and kicking.


Private Records - the legendary vinyl limited edition project from Berlin. Famous for about 70 vinyl limited editions of exclusive and valuable recordings of 1970's and 1980's music aswell for collaborations with famous artists and companies as for example: Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Anthony Rother, Saint Preux, Christian Bruhn, Emil Schult (Kraftwerk) -... Voir la suite

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Still waiting for my package. Please let me know what happened. Best regards
Still waiting for my package. Please let me know what happened. Best regards
Hello I still did not receive my package. Can you check ? Is there any tracking number ? This should not take ages in 21st Century :)