ITALO DISCO LEGACY - Documentary Movie & Soundtrack

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
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Private Records

Support the release of an incredible full length documentary film about the Italo Disco cult and an amazing double vinyl compilation!

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239 jours
Private Records

It's not possible to answer questions here. All set's have been shipped out now. Last ones were sent on 20.02. You have a notification in your KKBB inbox. In case a parcel returned sent an email to Thanks for your support! Your IDL team

239 jours

any news on the shipping? can you give us our tracking number as requested by many?

247 jours
Schnuffi Andre

Still waiting for my package. Please let me know what happened. Best regards

250 jours


I still did not receive my package. Can you check ? Is there any tracking number ? This should not take ages in 21st Century :)

251 jours

Quote: DJ Galliano vor 8 Tagen "I still haven't received my package. Tracking number please!" Same here. Please keep us updated!

257 jours

Sounds and looks fantastic. Thank you very very much!

269 jours

Hi! Can Inhabe the tracking number of my dispatch please?

274 jours

Hi there,

When you guys will start shipping?

Thanks, Alex

292 jours
Private Records

Regular updates get posted on the Italo Disco Legacy news page on KKBB!

294 jours

Schade, das vermeintliche Weihnachtsgeschenk kam leider immer noch nicht an

306 jours

Hi Jay, gibt es schon einen Termin fuers Verschicken der Platten?

337 jours

Es wird gemütlich ;-)