Malamor goes to Mexico!

MALAMOR needs your funding to cover the plane fares to Mexico for a concert tour!

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Malamor goes to Mexico!


Hello, my name is Sanaa, I am the founder of MALAMOR and the author of the songs. I am from Trieste (Italy) and now live in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Many years ago I moved to the desert of northern Mexico with my husband, we lived there for 13 mostly happy years and had two beautiful children - but then he died in an accident. I came back to Europe and for some time struggled through the sadness and the demands of bringing up two kids on my own - and then something wonderful started happening. Every time I had a bubble bath, songs came to me - fully formed with melody, lyrics, rhythm. I was not a musician and couldn't play any instrument, so I just sang them into a recorder. Soon, the songs started accumulating and I gathered four great Slovenian musicians to perform them with me - we are called MALAMOR. The band members are: Sanaa Taha, Blaz Celarec, Luka Ropret, Jaka Hawlina, and Peter Baros.


The songs are in different languages (I speak five), the musical genre is syncretic - cabaret, swing, soul, psychedelia, Mexican folk, blues, tango, garage punk, etc… - they mostly speak of love, loss, and desire, and the underlying theme is a longing for Mexico and what it represents.  





To me, words are just as important as the music and, in fact, when a song first visits me the lyrics are one with the melody and the rhythm. Below are little postcards that I make with phrases from my songs which we sometimes distribute during our concerts:



From the song "Ophelia" (in English) -





From the song "Loin d'ici" (in French) -





From the song "Flores" (in Spanish) -



À quoi servira la collecte

MALAMOR was formed two years ago and now we are at a point where we perform quite a lot in Slovenia and are about to record our first album. Last month we received an offer from Mexico for a two-week concert tour in July 2016, with everything but the plane tickets covered. Also, an affirmed video artist offered to film an on-the-road documentary of the tour. 


We would love to go and take this opportunity but cannot afford the plane tickets for all five of us which would amount to about 4200 euros - each plane ticket costs around 850 euros. We are asking for your funding of 3500 euros in the hope of surpassing that sum so we can buy the plane tickets for our tour in Mexico!


If this crowd-funding is successful, there will be a very special reward for the person who donates the largest amount - A 7-DAY STAY FOR TWO IN THE FABULOUS "VENUS SUITE" AT THE BOUTIQUE HOTEL "EL ANGEL Y EL CORAZON" IN REAL DE CATORCE, MEXICO!!!  

And the two runners-up will receive THEIR VERY OWN SONG written by me especially for him/her, which MALAMOR will perform in a private concert for them.







I personally feel that Mexico is MALAMOR's spiritual home and is calling us - I would like to give back to that wonderful country and its people some of what it has given me - so please participate in our adventure and help us go on our musical tour!  




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Pour 10 €

An internet download of the Malamor album, as soon as it is on sale.
  • Contributeurs : 6
  • Livraison Juillet 2016

Pour 30 €

A vinyl record of the Malamor album, as soon as it is on sale (plus the internet download of the album).
  • Contributeurs : 6
  • Livraison Juillet 2016

Pour 50 €

A DVD of the "Malamor in Mexico" on-the-road documentary as soon as it is completed (plus the internet download and vinyl of the Malamor album).
  • Livraison Décembre 2016

Pour 100 €

An invitation to a private concert by MALAMOR in Ljubljana - for the lucky few! (plus the internet download and vinyl of the album, and "Malamor in Mexico" on-the-road documentary)
  • Contributeurs : 6
  • Disponibilité : 4/10
  • Livraison Juin 2016

Pour 200 €

An invitation to a delicious home-cooked multi-cultural dinner with MALAMOR in Ljubljana - before the private MALAMOR concert for the lucky few! (plus the internet download and vinyl of the album, and "Malamor in Mexico" on-the-road documentary)
  • Disponibilité : 5/5
  • Livraison Juin 2016

Pour 500 €

I will write a song for and about this person and MALAMOR will perform it in a private concert for them if they come to Ljubljana, or publish a live video of the song if they cannot travel. (plus an invitation to dinner with MALAMOR in Ljubljana, the internet download and vinyl of the album, and the "Malamor in Mexico" on-the-road documentary)
  • Contributeur : 1
  • Disponibilité : 1/2
  • Livraison Juin 2016

Pour 800 €

A 7 night delight for two in the wonderful "Venus suite" at the boutique hotel "El Angel y el Corazon" in Real de Catorce, Mexico, with the added bonus of a MALAMOR concert at the location and an invitation to a delicious Mexican dinner with the band!!! (plus the internet download and vinyl of the album, and the "Malamor in Mexico" on-the-road documentary)
  • Disponibilité : 1/1
  • Livraison Juillet 2016

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