Max Bandicoot - EP Quatre Filles

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Visuel du projet Max Bandicoot - EP Quatre Filles
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1 790 €
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Sunday, September 02, 2018


<p><img alt="Success-1535882164" height="723" src="" width="723"></p> <p>It's a wrap! 💪 The crowdfunding campaign just ended and it's a success!</p> <p> We reached 119% of the original goal thanks to the 62 legends who backed the project! A million thanks to everyone who pledged or spread the word! Your support is invaluable to me, it helps me carry on doing what I love and find my way through the music industry jungle.</p> <p> I have some exciting news coming up about the EP, so watch this space!</p> <p>PEACE!  </p>
Monday, August 13, 2018


<p> </p> <p><img alt="100_-1534153345" height="907" src="" width="908"></p> <p><strong>We did it! The first step of the </strong><strong>crowdfunding</strong><strong> is reached!</strong></p> <p>Thanks to you, we are now sure that the project will come to life. There will be enough budget to make the CDs and a proper distribution/promotion campaign for the EP! Thanks a million to the 46 first backers and everyone who shared the project around, you guys are legends!</p> <p>The campaign is not over yet, there are still 46 days to try to reach the second step: 150%! This will allow me to have budget to create music videos for the songs, and make my video ideas come to life.</p> <p>So please keep on sharing guys!</p> <p>LOVE &lt;3</p>