Moisture, Frost and Salt, video mapping projection

We are going to make one hour show with live music. It wil be the projection of one illustrated story, made for inside or outside space.

Visuel du projet Moisture, Frost and Salt, video mapping projection
Date de fin
45 €
Sur 5 000 €
1 %
Sunday, January 12, 2014

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

In the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, magazine "ZAREZ" starts today with publishing longer graphic novel MOISTURE, FROST & SALT in English from Helena Klakocar. It is very influential magazine for culture and politics, and is sold on every kiosk in the country. It will bring every month new 4 pages , in colours on A3 format. Every page consist 1- 6 smaller pages, the work experiments relations between the form and content. Moisture is women, Frost and Salt are men. The story speaks about the changing of the financial models and is part of transmedia storytelling project MFS. The project is open for any kind of collaborations: workshops with students, community art projects and collaborations with professionals. In plan is to spread VMS story with publishing in magazines/ newspapers, internet , video mapping projections and touring exhibitions.
Saturday, November 30, 2013

Two epizodes of the story MFS will appear in Croatian capital Zagreb ZAREZ is very important magazine for culture and society questions. I work on it now.
Tuesday, November 12, 2013

<p> LAST development : 2.11. was the exhibition and audiovisual presentation &nbsp;of the project MFS in Haarlem, Pletterij , Kunstlijn art event .&nbsp;<img alt="Prezi__cizme__utrecht_kanal__boeken_013" src="" /><img alt="Prezi__cizme__utrecht_kanal__boeken_041" src="" /><img alt="Prezi__cizme__utrecht_kanal__boeken_028" src="" /><img alt="Prezi__cizme__utrecht_kanal__boeken_026" src="" />&nbsp;&nbsp;<img alt="Prezi__cizme__utrecht_kanal__boeken_024" src="" /></p>