NOUVEL OBJECTIF: Faites partie de la nouvelle vague en photographie argentique!


Visuel du projet NOUVEL OBJECTIF: Faites partie de la nouvelle vague en photographie argentique!
Date de fin
5 870 €
Sur 5 000 €
117 %
Thursday, November 19, 2020

We made it... thanks to you!

As you probably know already our crowdfunding campaign ended last Sunday at 117%! That's way better than what we hoped for and we want to thank all of your for that! Your support made it possible for us to confidently create the best film lab possible! So what's next? Right now we are still working on setting up the store. We are almost ready to roll but still have to a couple of things to work through before being able to accept orders. We are confident we will be able to open before the end of this month so make sure you keep an eye out for announcements on our Instagram @morifilmlab. In the meantime we are working on fulfilling your rewards. If you have ordered KIRO film we have a good news! Your order is either ready for you to collect it in store (66B Rue du croissant, 1190 Forest) or will be shipped out today! Make sure to check your email for a tracking code. If you have pre-order develop and scan services we are working on creating the digital vouchers. They will be linked to the email address you have used when backing us. If you want to change that address make sure to email us at asap. For the commmunity exhibition, you will soon receive an email will all the info on how to participate! For all the rest (Developing course, lab guided visite, donate a course etc.), Belgium is unfortunately still in strict lockdown so we aren't able to welcome anyone in store for the moment. We will notify you as soon as we are able to organise these events in total legality. 😉 Once again, thank you so much for your support. We wouldn't have been able to do it without you. Please do not hesitate if you have any more questions. Stay safe and see you soon, Cole and Raph