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Mr Gay Syria - Film

​Aidez-nous à raconter l'histoire d'Husein, Mahmoud et les réfugiés syriens LGBT.

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1118 jours


1118 jours

I wish You all so much success with this project!

May it lead to more acceptance and respect!

Rainbow wishes from the heart :-) Love

Erika (a lesbian living in Germany)

1118 jours

Hello from Paris. My association, Solidarité Internationale LGBTQI, is ready to help you organize a screening of the movie (with French subtitles) in Paris and maybe in other places in France.

1119 jours


1119 jours
Yves W

I am 200% with you, bravo !

1120 jours

If you believe that we are all created equal and Syrians gay or not need our help , please chip in and let's make this film a reality. Mahmoud knows very well that I knew this was his dream. More than 7 years ago by walking on Takzim Square he was telling me about what he wanted to do. You will get it done. But you forgot my at least 1 minute role in your film. Lol. My heart and thoughts are always with you. I do miss you.

1121 jours

This is so important, to me and my Turkish and lgbtqiap+ friends!!! Thank you so much. I wish you and the Syrian refugees the best life has to offer

1121 jours

I give you all my love <3 <3 <3 thx for this project !!

1122 jours

This is a great project. I hope the film gets made!

1122 jours

I hope that it will reach the necessary money, its so important!! Good luck!! : *

1122 jours

What a great Project!!!

1123 jours

Good luck on reaching your goal. This film needs to be made.