Help us to bring the Tel Aviv vibe in Los Angeles, by supporting our Mediterranean street food restaurant !

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The concept 

The Los Angeles culinary scene is having a major Israeli moment, finally catching up with the rest of the world: JBA winner Zahav in Philadelphia, Ottolenghi and The Palomar in London, Dizengoff in NYC, JBA winner Shaya in New Orleans, Miznon and Balagan in Paris…

On the other hand, this city has also been the cradle of street food, from food trucks to street vendors: it started a trend that is now immensely popular worldwide. This vibe can even be felt in brick-and-mortar restaurants, with counter service, a casual atmosphere, reasonable prices, finger food and a friendly staff.

But something is still missing, something only Mediterranean countries can create : our restaurant will be a lively place open from early morning to late evening, hence transitioning for café to restaurant depending on the time of the day. From Israel and other Mediterranean countries, it will not only mimic its recipes, but also its warm and casual atmosphere. Like in popular restaurants in Tel Aviv, an open kitchen will allow guests to see the preparation of their food. Small plates will be served all day long, and guests will be encouraged to share "family style"

Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean vibe: listen to the sounds of our vinyl sound system, grab your roasted crispy cauliflower with your hands, enjoy the sights of our chef’s open kitchen to inspire you.

The Food story

We will serve a mix of Mediterranean-influenced cuisines, from Israel to Morocco by way of Lebanon, using the bounty of fresh Farmers Market produce California has to offer. These seasonally inspired dishes will be available to enjoy on-site or take away.

Six days a week, we will create a new dining experience with casual street food influences: guests will use their hands to feel, smell and taste their dish, grabbing a pita bread filled with various preparations, dipping some roasted cauliflower into tahini sauce…


Starting at 7am to catch the early-risers, we will serve pastries, yogurt with fruit, or some savoury Israeli pancakes, along with fresh coffee and juices. On weekends, more elaborate brunch items will be available, such as the famous Jachnun.   



Lunch will be counter service as well, with daily pita sandwiches (choice of vegetarian, meat or fish) and healthy options like the original Israeli salad. Hummus and roasted cauliflower or sweet potatoes will be available all day long.



Prices will be slightly higher for dinner, with table service and an array of small and large plates meant to be shared: falafel, lamb ragu, pickles, eggplant dip, roasted chicken with harissa, Moroccan carrots…


Now, the Team:

For Mami it all started in New York. It was there, bustling cafes and chic bistros that taught her the ins-and-outs of the restaurant trade: casual dining to fine casual dining...Mami did them all and more, as Host, Maitre D', Server, Bartender and then Floor Manager.

In L.A. she has honed her craft as a front of house manager , General Manager and consultant for several openings.

For Elsa, it started in Marseille. She was in love with food since her childhood, looking at her grandma's cooking. 

As she has moved beyond Marseilles and traveled, She has been introduced to new culinary experiences, or in the most important instance, re-introduced to old Israel, she found again the love and care of her grandmothers’ cuisines, but with the ambiance, the spices and flavors and colors of the Mediterranean.

Meeting in LA, for both of them it was obvious : this city needed something new to catch up with the major "boom" of Mediterranean food.



À quoi servira la collecte

Our ambiance will not be truly Mediterranean if we can not offer you the opportunity to cheers with a glass of Champagne to any good news, make you forget you had a bad day by siping your Malti beer, or even meeting you're new "date" by sharing a bottle of a Shardonnay wine.

That’s why we need you!

We have enough initial funding to get started, but we need fundings for a beer and wine license. Indeed, getting a lease that include an alcohol license increase the key money deposit, and this is where we will need help.



Our budget will be split in 4 main expenses :

- 33% on construction : 99 000$ on construction and health permits, contractors and construction fees, kitchen appliance (fridge, hood, grill, grease extractor...)

- 8% Kiss Kiss Bank Bank campaign fees 

- 44% on key money deposit: 132 000$ is the money we have to give to obtain the location. This budget also include the first premise rental deposit to pay for the first months of rent, and the wine and beer license . This is where we need your help on the budget. That would help us getting the location we want!

We fixed an average amount to reach, but if we go further to this amount (Haleluiiiia/ Mazal Tov and Inch Allah) , we will use this money to increase the design budget:

- 15% design : 45 000$ Include the designer fees, with furnitures and decoration, the website design.

Indeed, design in LA is really important as well, and we really want to create a place people will remember. Our materials will mainly be raw, such as marble, dark wood, pure and simple lights, to make a contraste with the colourful food.



We would like to open before the end of this year, around November 2018.

I will collect all the benefits on my account, and the rewards on each participation will be done once we found and sign the lease, which we will expect before Summer 2018.

Thank you for any help you can give us , and hopefully we will all drink to that.


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