PARIS DJS / GRANT PHABAO & RACECAR CD/LP "A Healthy Obsession With Pétanque"

Aidez Paris DJs à fabriquer un CD/LP 33 tours de l'album de Grant Phabao & RacecaR et des tshirts collectors, illustrés par l'affichiste Ben Hito

Visuel du projet PARIS DJS / GRANT PHABAO & RACECAR CD/LP "A Healthy Obsession With Pétanque"
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1709 jours
Paris DJs

September was the idea to begin with, we thought we could press the LP in advance, and then add the insert with the names of the crowdfunders last minute, but it was not posssible in the end. But as soon as september started we had all the names of the backers, so we launched the pressing. Vinyl is supposed to land at Paris DJs mid-november, we'll send all the packages then, and the record will be released then first at the next Paris DJs night (at Cabaret Sauvage, saturday nov 26!)... Thanks for your patience !

1710 jours


is the album out already?

you said september...

1755 jours

Yo Saaaam I copped the vinyl for K's baby bwoy. Much love from SF. -eth aka lz aka nth

1755 jours

Great to see more ParisDJs out on vinyl! Thanks for all the great music.

1756 jours
William.Le Bras

Big up les gars ! Hâte d'écouter ça !

1757 jours

Hello Djouls!

Pour moi ce sera une galette à l'ancienne enrobée d'un T-shirt S manches courtes :)

Continuez, c'est top!


1757 jours
Harry Cover

un peu en retard mais comptez sur moi ! bravo pour le job, toujours classe. Dj Harry Cover

1759 jours
Etienne de la Sayette

Hello guys. I love beaucoup qu'est ce que vous faites. Keep on the good work

1761 jours


1762 jours

Keep up the good work :-)


1763 jours

Merci pour la zic, c'est top ce qu vous faites !

bonne continuation;


1776 jours

Hi! I am RacecaR's cousin Greg in Seattle. DJouls- I hope you read this. I've made my 130Euro donation for the 5CD pack plus a medium short sleeve t-shirt. Sammy- I'm sorry I'll miss you when you're in Chicago. Biggest and Highest of the Ups!