Take our destiny into your hands! The new album of Tralalka is KISMET!


Présentation détaillée du projet

*** Informations about alternative payment options can be found in the FAQ below ***


As said by Friedrich Schiller...




The dictates of the heart are the voice of KISMET.

In your breast lie the stars of your KISMET.


And Schiller was right: This project is our heart's call. Our destiny is crystal clear. Whether we want it or not: Our album is inevitable. The songs all revolve around KISMET. An impossible love between a Bulgarian girl and a young Turk, a wild inspector who appears only at night, uncrossable waters separating lovers, a man who never comes home, or the old classic- too little beauty to be loved. Well, what can you do? It's just KISMET. But suppose we see past our origins and love anyway? Or close the window at night to keep out strange inspectors? What about crossing the bridge to reach the other side? Calling your man, or just finding a better one? So you see... It's not all KISMET! That's why we need your support here on KissKissMetMet: So that the stars of our KISMET are not confined to our breasts, but explode into the heavens of fame and success.  




Listen to a snippet of our preproduction:

À quoi servira la collecte ?


Your support of our KISMET will enable us to afford the following:


- Rent of Recording Studio

We will record our album within 11 days in a professional studio.


estimated costs: 1650€


- Equipment Rental

For the recordings we will rent technical equipment and higher quality instruments.


estimated costs: 500€


- Sound Engineer

We will spend the 11 days in the studio with a professional sound engineer.


estimated costs: 2500€


- Mix and Mastering

The raw audio tracks will subsequently be mixed and the final recording has to be mastered.


estimated costs: 1850€


- Album Artwork

We will collaborate with a graphic designer who will help us to find an optic expression for our KISMET.


estimated costs: 500€


- Cd und Vinylproduction

Eventually Cds, covers and booklets will be printed. In addition we will produce a small edition of Vinyls.


estimated costs: 1500€




In the fateful summer of 2010 atop a Bulgarian mountain, a musical baby was conceived. Nobody quite knows how. The cows kept mooing and the shepherds continued to tend their sheep, but something in the air shifted as Emma Greenfield and Petra Nachtmanova began their descent to the village, swelling with the voices and stories of their journeys. A train... Voir la suite

FAQ Questions les plus fréquentes concernant le projet

+ How can I donate via BANK TRANSFER?

For bank transfers please use the payment option "Giropay".

+ How can I donate via PAYPAL?

Please send an email to tralalka.berlin@gmail.com and we will forward our PayPal details to you. Of course we will then add you to the supporter list of this website and you will receive (as every other donator) a reward.

+ Can I also just directly transfer money to you?

You can also transfer money directly to our account, if non of the available payment options are satisfying for you. Of course we will then add you to the supporter list of this website and you will receive (as every other donator) a reward. Please don't forget to add contact information (e.g. your email adress) when you transfer a donation.
Our account details are:
Lukas Oelmüller
IBAN: DE29120300001035609344
Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB)

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